Watch the sun rise over the Western Lands. Watch it set. Take refuge in the island of aryajnana, your own deeper mind, your own root-essence which is actually the same freaking root shared by all things in existence.. this is not actually owned by you in any way. and the very concept of existence has misled you for… Continue Reading



An interesting source for such a harsh (and general) statement. Who is the priest? This priest is the dog in the cattle manger that cannot eat the hay but will not let the cows eat it, either. The priests are proto-scholars. Modern academia arose from priestly activities and is marked by the same stigmata blood.… Continue Reading


Flesh Goat Build Wall

Fleshgoat dominated the scene with his wild rhetoric, always ready and willing to smash the faces of opposing powers. The Media Dictatorship, despite their best intentions, could not control their dragon. Setting up that Pied Piper turned out to be a baa-aahh-ahh-ad idea. But, in the realest reality, this is not where GIAC FACE turns his… Continue Reading


Oli Garchy

Yo, FleshGoat has your back. Get over it. It’s a joke. We’re comedians. All this reality-tv is exhausting. Let’s get back to that good ol’ regular programming. I want my MTV. Now, that this has hit that fan… pigs are flying.


Be Passerby

You know me… Always crying rivers of joy onto the pages of the Gospel of Thomas. Always distilling that wisdom liquor. Always with the Gnosis and True Faith and Good Conduct and Diligence Supreme. You know that I will say: “be passerby”.