In this Dharma Ending Age, the children have forgotten their Mother and do not see The Kingdom.

The GnoTruth [non]method is simple and profound:

  • Seek
  • Become Disturbed
  • Marvel
  • Gno
  • Repeat

Honor the Mother, be good children (respect the earth/cosmos and all of her creation). Enjoy.

There is no method. There is gno method. There is no teaching. There is gno teaching. There is no truth. There is GNO[stic?] Truth. There is no dogma here.

Disciples of the Buddha (or, in other words, all Bodhisattvas– all those who tend toward awakening), should become acquainted with the mind beyond mind. This is a central tenet of GnoTruth.

The minds of all disciples should be purified of all thoughts that relate to seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, and discriminating. They should use their minds spontaneously and naturally, without being constrained by preconceived notions arising from the senses.

  Buddha, Diamond Sutra.

The activity of ‘letting go’, or ‘becoming acquainted with the mind beyond mind’, is not as difficult as it sounds. Actually, it’s simple. We use the very mind we’re “transcending” (transcendence is not actually important, and could be considered a hindrance, to GnoTruth practitioners).

Breathing meditation is an excellent way to taste GnoTruth. In time, as you continue to practice, the energy of mindfulness generated by attention to the breath carries over, in between sessions, and you begin to notice that you are a child walking in the kingdom whether or not you know it… all the time, whether or not you’re crossing your legs in some “sacred space”.

Our spiritual leaders have failed us (as they necessarily must). Others on the path can point us in the direction they are traveling, but they do not know the location of *our* true home. Unless they point us in the direction of our own inner intuitive experience of reality, they will lead us astray. So, all those who put themselves forward as ‘Leaders’ are either liars, fools, or both.

Ultimately, the journey is your own. There is very little you can do for another person– we each hold our own power– and when you force your will onto others, even with the best of intentions, you end up perverting the Tao, dishonoring the Buddha Nature that resides at the core of all thingishness, and you unintentionally cause all sorts of harm. This is why Lao Tzu swore that the Sage King did not act out of any sense of benevolence, or with any moral urge– that the whole of his perfect activity lies in being ‘natural’.

Nevertheless, the most authentic outward expression of wisdom is compassion. We do not horde the bliss, we seek to ‘purify the Buddha Realm’. Because we recognize the mind-nature of this reality, we cut through all bullshit and purify the Buddha Realm directly by purifying our own mind.

Yeshua said,
“What you will hear in your ear, in the other ear  proclaim from your rooftops.
No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, nor in a hidden place.
You put it on a stand so that all who come and go will see its light.”
  Jesus, the Gospel of Thomas.

Sila (conduct) is the force-field that protects us as we travel deep into the core of the collective psyche. Samadhi (concentrated practice) is our blade we use to chop back the choking vines that have grown thick due to laziness over countless lifetimes. Prajna (wisdom) is the soothing glow of correct-practice that compassionately radiates nourishing vibes onto all the sentient beings. We don’t seek to force the teaching onto anyone, but out of compassion, we hold up the lamp we have been given so that others may see its light.

Not two, not one. Beyond beyond.

You may be familiar with Advaita Vedanta (IAST, Advaita Vedānta; Sanskrit: अद्वैत वेदान्त; literally, not-two), the “Hindu school of textual exegesis and religious practice”. Or, perhaps you’ve heard of Buddhism. Or, hey! Maybe you like the good stuff from the early christian practitioners. You’ve probably come across the practice of bathing in non-dual awareness before. It doesn’t matter what form the practice takes, the fruit is sweet.

We share resources that point to the moon. A mixture of political absurdism, religio/spiritual hilarity, and a general praise of mindfulness.

GNOTRUTH is a lamp.