I was recently approached by a new friend, asking for guidance– this person is eager to share a message with the world and they were wondering if I might be able to help. My friend, Tashi Vajra, created an app for people interested in learning about Buddhism and wrote an article about finding and fostering the Buddha within! I suggested we share the article here and on the facebook page. Tashi Vajra’s facebook profile is here: https://www.facebook.com/tashi.vajra.56. The writing follows. Check it out!

We are on a quest to display the Buddha’s teachings on anger. Many people today take many positions on what we are to do– ranging from complete embrace and acceptance of all the range of human emotion, to an ascetic rejection of all things that might rustle up any emotion– but the Buddha gave a clear teaching that Buddhist people follow. In this installment, we’ll address some misconceptions, look at what the Buddha advises in the Brahmajala Sutta and then we’ll briefly point to what happens to the brain on anger.