GnoTruth Diamond

Twisting up some of the Diamond Sutra for the GNOTRUTH propaganda machine.

Nguyên Giác said,

Having listened to your teaching, I receive and retain it with faith and understanding. It’s not too difficult for me, but in the future– during the last five hundred years of the Dharma Ending Age, the people who are able to receive and retain this with faith and understanding  will be truly remarkable.

Such people will awaken to these truths because they will have also ceased to cherish the arbitrary notions of their own selfhood, other selves, living beings, or a universal self. They too will have realized that these things are just concepts, that such concepts are not actually ‘real’ or ‘unreal’.

Buddhas are Buddhas because they have been able to discard all concepts in order to manifest ever-present GnoTruth. They have transcended all perceptions, and have penetrated the illusion of all forms.

The Buddha replied:

“So it is, Giác. Those people will be totally awesome. When they realize GnoTruth, they will not tremble, nor be frightened, or terrified in any way. 

Seekers should leave behind all distinctions of phenomena and awaken the thought of the attainment of Supreme Enlightenment.

You can do this by realizing the true nature of the sense doors – by recognizing that your deepest mind does not depend upon ideas stirred by sounds, odors, flavors, sensory touch, or any other general or specific qualities.

In time, you will learn to distinguish your [gno]mind from the thoughts that might arise within it. If your mind depends upon anything in the sensory realm it won’t have a solid foundation.

This is why I teach that charity must be practiced without regard to form. Giác, as you practice compassion and charity for the welfare of all living beings you should do it without relying on addictive concepts.

Just as I declare that form is not form, so I also declare that all living beings are, in fact, not living beings.

Still, if you want to develop the highest, most fulfilled and awakened mind, if you wish to attain the Highest Perfect Wisdom and if you want to quiet your drifting mind while subduing your addictive thoughts, then listen to what I am about to say to you. Those who listen will learn to subdue their discriminative thoughts and addictive desires. It is possible to attain perfect tranquility and clarity of mind by absorbing and dwelling on this teaching I am about to give.

All living beings, whether born from eggs, from the womb, from moisture, or spontaneously; whether they have form or do not have form; whether they are aware or unaware, whether they are not aware or not unaware, all living beings will eventually be led by me to the final Nirvana, the final ending of the cycle of birth and death. And when this unfathomable, infinite number of living beings have all been liberated, in truth not even a single being has actually been liberated.

Do you know what I mean, Giác?”

Nguyên Giác said,


–diamond sutra taken and twisted from

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