The Art of Reasoning and Inference

Reasoning and inference, as simple as they may seem, are one of the fundamental building blocks to scientifically sound gnosis. This is invaluable in the sense that when your beliefs are grounded, they are impenetrable and unbreakable. Reasoning is the undertaking of one thought form to another thought form, both conclusions, but we are moving our conscious perception and understanding forward from A to B. Inference is the expressed relationship of A to B and how A is sound in terms of the evolution of its statement to the second statement. Both are still true, but it usually is about a physical event, and then showing how it connects to a metaphysical meaning. For example, I took a dose of sacred herbal supplement, and therefore I am now elevated in consciousness and vibration. I cannot be knocked down from my elevation if others try to feel negative, because my soundness of reason is very solid. I had a physical substance in my body gifting me feelings. If I start to feel negative, I just remember that I am on a sacred herb, and BOOM. Im back on my cloud. This can go even further once you are more sound in the modulation and selection of your vibration. Meaning if you start to feel off, just remember how experienced you are at feeling happy and loved and loving, for yourself and others. We are all the most experienced at these base emotions, they were and can still be our primary mode of functioning. We were all this way in our first to around tenth years of enjoyment of existence. Reasoning and inference are required for logical and reasonable creation of your vibration, which will then enact the law of attraction, once you have mastered that feeling in your mind and body.

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