Adoration of Amitabha

It’s like this: Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật.

check those mudras tho!

If you want to get down on this wild visualization practice (of Amitabha’s Wonderful qualities and characteristics and those of his precious and amazing Buddha Realm), I strongly encourage you to explore THE LARGER SUKHÂVATÎ-VYÛHA!

But, here is a pdf with 5 Pureland Sutras (one of which is the one mentioned above, the Larger Pure Land Sutra). They’re all fun in their own way. Don’t be confused, though! Don’t read these with a JudeoChristian Mind. Read this with your original mind. And see! And travel! And be in the Pureland now, with Amitabha NOW!!!

Yes, I am straddling the ridge between the Gospel of the Twin and the Diamond Sutra. Always with the synthesis! Other styles of thinking are boring… Non synthetic thought leads to dogmatic choke out bumcrush. Dogma is the greatest bummer. Priests are a bummer. Bah.

Vietnamese Buddhism


No really tho, listen to this chanting:

I owe much to the Vietnamese Buddhist community. The above video is a demonstration of the recitation of a mantra which is quite popular among my Vietnamese Buddhist friends.

Taking refuge in Amitabha! That’s what is happening here.

It is said that those people who recite his name with deep faith, that, upon the time of their death, Amitabha will shine his crazy light and come down with his awesome retinue of totally whoop ass Bodhisattva Mahasattvas to snatch the person up and take them away to his Pureland where they will be able to practice with all the greatest Buddhas and Bodhisattvas (cause they all looove hanging out in Amitabha’s Pureland) for INFINITE TIME, UNTIL THEY ATTAIN COMPLETE AND TOTAL PERFECT LIBERATION AWAKENING!

Then, when they have attained the highest and most complete perfection, they will abide as Buddhas in their own Buddhalands, extending the Great Compassion and Wisdom forever across all potential spaces and times.


Amitayus (Amitabha has many names, all indicating different kinds of infinity) in perfect concentration, with perfect wisdom and compassion, radiating infinite life-light across infinite Buddha realms… all while sitting, relaxing, in his Infinite Lotus Mind-World.

How did Amitabha come to create such an awesome realm?

As a Bodhisattva, he practiced under his own Buddha Master who helped him to  meditate on infinite other Buddha Realms, for infinite time, with infinite energy. He eventually became a Buddha with the vow to help all sentient beings. He chose to do this by creating an island of joy in the turbulence of chaotic Samsara– a rest-stop. He chose the most perfect aspects of all other Buddha realms and, as his original vows suggested, he made his wonderful realm open to all!

Even more!

It is not only open, but a simple recitation of his name– focusing the mind upon his qualities and the qualities of his Buddharealm– sends a signal to him that travels across infinite space in zero time (faster than the speed of light, due to quantum entanglement).

In this megareality of infinite potential, Amitabha and his Realm necessarily exist. Amitabha’s vows have necessarily already been fulfilled. He already waits for you. And, because of the ultimate interdependence of all things– the INDRA’s NET Nature of Reality– we GNO that Amitabha is NOT A SEPARATE BEING, and Amitabha’s realm IS NOT A SEPARATE PLACE! There are no such things. Differentiation is the central activity of false-imagination. Only wrong view divides samsara and nirvana. It is only wrong view that obstructs your vision of the Kingdom Here and Now.

This kind of Buddhism is great because of the dual emphasis on self-help and other-help. There is help from the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Dharma-Protectors, and all the other infinite sentient beings looping through Samsara.. and there is your own determination. Your own effort, energy, hard-work, struggle and achievement.

It’s simple… You can’t do it alone, but if you don’t do it, no one else will/can do it for you. The perfect balance. We receive help from “external” sources, but we PRACTICE ourselves with our own unsurpassed DILIGENCE!

This is the marriage of Zen, Pureland, and Nazoreanism {GnoTruthianism}.

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