Sakkapanha Sutta

The Lord of the Gods Consults the Buddha.

This is one of my favorites! So much to digest in here. Oh, and I don’t know how to pronounce most of these words!! Sooo. Be aware.

Listen to part 1 here. Listen to part 2 here. Or, go give it a gander here.

But, for now, I give you the part that blew my mind. It is so similar to the Christian myth. God becomes human to experience and transcend suffering:

‘And, Ruler of the Gods, what things do you call to mind when you amid experiencing such satisfaction and happiness as this?’ ‘Lord, at such a time, six things come to mind at which I rejoice:

“I who merely as a god exist, have gained

The chance, by kamma, of another earthly life.’

That, Lord, is the first thing that occurs to me.

‘Leaving this non-human realm of gods behind,

Unerringly I’ll seek the womb I wish to find.’

That lord is the second thing…

‘My problems solved, I’ll gladly live by Buddha’s law,

Controlled and mindful, and with clear awareness filled.”

That lord, is the third thing…

‘And should thereby enlightenment arise in me,

As one who knows I’ll dwell, and there await my end.”

That lord, is the fourth thing…

‘Then when I leave the human world again, I’ll be

Once more a god, and one of highest rank.’

That lord, is the fifth thing…

‘More glorious than devas are the peerless gods,

Among whom dwelling I shall make my final home.’

That lord, is the sixth thing that occurs to me, and these are the six things at which I rejoice:

‘Long I wandered, unfulfilled, in doubt,

In quest of the Tathágata. I thought

Hermits who lived in seclusion and austere

Must surely be enlightened: I’ll seek them.

“What must I do to gain success, and what

Course but leads to failure?” – But thus asked,

They could not tell me how to tread the path.

Instead, when they found out that I am king

Of gods, they asked me why I’d come t them,

And I it was who taught them what I knew

Of Dhamma, and at that, rejoicing, they

Cried: “It’s Vasava, the Lord, we’ve seen!”

But now – I’ve seen the Buddha, and my doubts

Are all dispelled, my fears are allayed,

And now to the Enlightened One I pay

Homage due, to him who’s drawn the dark

Of Craving, to the Buddha, peerless Lord,

Mighty hero, Kinsman of the Sun!

Just as Brahma’s worshipped by the gods,

So likewise today we worship you,

Enlightened One, and Teacher unsurpassed,

Whom none can equal in the human world,

Or in the heavens, dwelling of the gods!’

Then Sakka, the Ruler of the Gods, said to Pancasikha of the Gandhabbas: ‘My dear Pancasikha, you have been of great help to me for gaining the ear of the Blessed Lord. For it was through your gaining his ear that we were admitted to the presence of the Blessed Lord, the Arahant, the supremely enlightened Buddha. I will be a father to you, you shall be king of the Gandhabbas, and I will give you Bhadda Suriyacaccasa, whom you desired.’ Then Sakka, the Ruler of the Gods, touched the earth with his hand and said three times,

Homage to the Worthy One, the Blessed One, the Rightly Self-awakened One!

Homage to the Worthy One, the Blessed One, the Rightly Self-awakened One!

Homage to the Worthy One, the Blessed One, the Rightly Self-awakened One!

While this explanation was being given, there arose to Sakka the dustless, stainless Dhamma eye — “Whatever is subject to origination is all subject to cessation” — as it also did to his following of devas.

Such were the questions that the Blessed One answered at Sakka’s bidding.

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