A Simple Profound Practice

Meditation is resting, growing, working, and relaxing. All possible postures are meditative postures. Sitting, standing, walking, lying down– ever mindful, always in meditation. This is GnoTruth. No Method. No practice. Nothing but practice! Everything Method.


Many of you are not experienced leg twisters. Many of you will find it difficult to sit still and watch yourself for a prolonged period. So, let’s hack your body-mind.

The Two Goats.

Over time, practicing various methods, I’ve come to use two things to my advantage in travelling inward/outward.

They are the two goats:

  1. Temperature
  2. Breath/Body Awareness

They work together. Why are they goats?

Mindbody conditions Consciousness. Consciousness conditions Mindbody.

When your body is really hot there is a ‘forced’ mind-body connection. Mind-body connections are good.

So, take a really hot bath!

Make the water as hot as you can possibly stand. Endure. Sweat.  You want to read something? Read. Prolong the experience. Try to stay in the water for a  long time.


After you’ve raised your body temperature significantly and have become heat-fatigued, submerge your upper body. Your heart will pound.

legsupLean your legs against the wall, fully straightened.

While you’re laying there in the heat, your blood-mind is forcing the blood to your extremities in an effort to get rid of heat. This is where we do visualization.

Imagine icky energies and toxins rising up to, and out of, your skin. Do this until the heat is too much and then make the water cold.

Cold Shift.

You can actually feel your blood-mind changing. Instead of pushing outward, it begins to conserve, to pull inward. You feel blood return to your guts. It goes to your core. Your guts begin to gurgle because the energy has returned.

Stay with the coldness. It can be shocking. Relax into it. Imagine the cold energy pulling all the yick vibes from your psychic body while also super charging physical healing processes in your physical / emotional body.

Watch the cold pulling the heat out of your body — imagine that the heat consists of all the dense ‘bad karma’ accumulated in beginningless past. This heat is the various configurations of attention, intention and action that are embedded in your energy system.

Release it all into the healing water and gno why the Essenes had their water rituals.

Don’t even worry about where your energy is going– during this practice you are releasing murky shit into the vast vast expanse, there need not be any worry over pollution. Dropping a single grain of salt into the ocean, you will not make the ocean any saltier.

Practice this practice everyday to see great benefit. Also, if you like, practice regular ol’ sitting meditation!

I suggest this because I believe this practice is ideal for people who have a hard time sitting still.

The intensity of heat and cold is really gripping!




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