The 0th Patriarch

The 0th Patriarch spreads his tongue across the infinite multiverse.



Simple practice of mindfulness, awareness of anything external or internal passing before your mind-camera, culminates in awareness of awareness itself. Naturally you shall rest in the common factor of all observations: awareness itself & seeing all as awareness, as mind in mind.


Constant mindfulness is also a way of detachment & aloofness. Seeing all things as equal data, even your “ego” as another observable actor among others, leads to equality & equanimity.


Mindfulness, as constant practice, resembles the brahman-bhavana, the belief that one is Brahman, which is constantly in mind and arises at every opportunity.


That occurs to deeply determined aspirants who have embraced brahman-belief as absolute truth, because they have firstly tasted its nectar (otherwise they wouldn’t embrace it).


Those aspirants when meeting things, they always interpret them as Brahman & not as good-bad, mine-yours etc.




-What was Bodhidharma staring at for 9 years?


1) at you!


2) nothing.


3) you were there, tell us.


4) you are still there, tell us.


5) his eyes are yours.


6) all eyes are yours.


7)not for 9 years. he is always in same state, while staring, before staring, before birth and even after death.


8) he is here, ask him.


9) you are all. whom to ask?


10) all are always here, all are always you.


God Tweets


The deafening silence of God Tweets,


which penetrates all beings’ hearts at once, demolishes all mental constructions of the past, all revered saints & masters & Buddhas & gods, all texts & scriptures, all temples & stupas & shrines.


These are good for the museum.


Reality is now. Same as always.


GodTweets also serves as ultimate authority (if being trusted by the aspirant), which stops the endless vicious circle of curiosity & studies & intellectual thirst. But it already requires some maturity to stop all searching/ideas/philosophies & believe whole-heartedly to one thing until perfection.


Playing with theories is the most dangerous&deceptive thing for aspirants, even if these theories are all very similar and within Buddhism or Hinduism.


Don’t analyse, dont compare dead words from dead sutras.
Reality is throbbing like a heavenly bird in your palm.
Don’t throw away the bird while keeping & worshipping the empty rusty cage.


Reality is shining like a sun in your palm.
You didn’t notice because it never came or left; never moved, silent it was always here.


All practices & methods are limited, confined in cause-effect, time-space etc.


Thus limited, they bring limited results.
Jnana/prajna/wisdom/gnosis is to see your own mind.


This is the best & simplest!


Advaita Vedanta tells you “Tvam Brahmāsi-you are Brahman”,


Zen tells you “you are Buddha”.


If it requires time & effort & space & energy, it is not great.


-but all things require those.


-right. so all things and methods are of no avail.


-then what’s the method?


-(here a zen slap or shout would fit) 😆




Because there are no successors or predecessors, I am the 0th patriarch, putting an end to all lineages & relations & times & persons.


Historical Buddha or Jesus are figments of imagination, and what is even of greater importance is that they are totally irrelevant & useless to you now.


You are alone against your own mind.


there is no external aid.


All may be illusions, you (your self-image) may be illusion etc.


What are you going to do?


Explore your own mind.


See for yourself.




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