Mind Only?!

Yeah. Seems so.


This old idea is experiencing a revival. But, nowadays, people are foolishly trying to manifest money– writing themselves checks for $1,000,000.

If happiness is the goal, why involve the $$$ middleman?

Having manifested happiness, the wise recognize that even what the foolish call “happiness” is a small goal. A limited goal. An illusive goal. Happiness can’t be without sadness.. A product of false-imagination, a burning coal to be let go of.

Instead of uncontrollably undulating through spacetime, the wise begin to seek other things. They begin to seek more subtle things.

Now, undulating according to the frequency of their choosing, the Bodhisattvas honor ineffable Vairocana Buddha with the music of their appearance and fading away.

As wise as snakes and innocent as doves.


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