Apparently Arising and Passing Away.

For those of small understanding, the Buddha appears to pass away into Nirvana.

Buddha sees that all things understood as isolated objects are not, in fact, isolated objects. They are only called ‘isolated objects’ for the sake of compassion– to help the Bodhisattvas as they strive to correct their view in their eternal effort to beautify the Buddha-field.

With corrected view, the Bodhisattva cuts through delusion and reveals that Nirvana and Samsara are only mind-objects themselves. The bait of Mara, who is playfully seeking to set the hook in the face of the young Buddha-seed.

And in this vast vast vast vastness… all potentials have already actualized! Relax in the Kingdom, today! Amitabha’s Light shines infinitely in all directions. Amitabha’s Realm is ominpresent.

All Buddhas have already attained to enlightenment. But, from there, what do Buddhas do? From perfect fullness, what does Pleroma become but the Void and Samsara? The Buddha is the foundation and goal– this is an infinitely looping simulation.

The vast multiverse is coming to gno and forget, to forget and gno itself.


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