Thomas and Mahamati. Jesus and Buddha.

Beyond, beyond, further and completely beyond! Woke as never before!



In the Gospel of Thomas, we meet a Jesus that teaches us to gno ourselves. To those acquainted with the Buddha’s teaching, Thomas’ Jesus will be quite familiar. This Jesus suggests that we already reside within the Kingdom, among the Angels [messengers/messages from the Ultimate Dimension], as Children of the Living One.

The author of the Gospel of John hated this Jesus. He demands that Jesus is the totally unique son of God. Bah. Foolishness. Flimsy fairy tales.

MahaBodhisattva Yeshua preached a message of non-dual awareness, he pointed beyond the limited sense-minds and asked us to recognize our self-similarity with all the infinite scales of fractal magnification– he asked us to remember our true nature as Buddha-God.

Gospel of Thomas, 17:

Yeshua said,
I shall give you what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has touched, what has not arisen in the human heart.

You Buddha-Children should recognize this list!

  1. Sight
  2. Sound
  3. Pressure and Heat Sensation
  4. Thought / Emotion

It is an incomplete, or summarized, listing of the 6 consciousnesses.

  1. Sight
  2. Sound
  3. Taste
  4. Touch
  5. Smell
  6. Thought

So what?

Jesus is pointing at GnoTruth!

There is a gnoing beyond the sense consciousnesses. Jesus points beyond false-imagination.


Read the Lankavatara Sutra to better understand the Message of Yeshua (or don’t. it doesn’t matter).

Mahamati is the main character of this sharp and fuzzy sutra. Mahamati is ‘one of great intelligence’. The ‘Big Brained’ one.

Because the Lanka is a collection of teachings given by Big Buddha to Mahamati, this sutra is perfect for those who are addicted to the activation of the intellect. Buddha leads Mahamati through logical progression until the limits of logical progression are obvious.

The Buddhas, as perfectly awake beings, GNO the natures of all sentient beings and therefore understand the best methods for guiding those beings to the ‘other shore’.

While some of you will stress faith, I will stress exertion of playful intellect– either way, we arrive at the same Pure Bliss Realm Beyond Beyond.

Read Thomas, become a twin. Practice on the island of Lanka. Seek and find. Ask Buddha and you will Gno and you will taste ‘no-birth, no-death’.


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