Skeptomystic Maneuver

“You must be shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

~Mahabodhisattva Yeshua Bar Abba.

The Yeshua presented by the Twin is a fiery force with the clear goal of opening what has been closed to reveal what has been hidden [forgotten].


Changes and Additions and Thinky

“Pharisees” to “Priests”

“Pharisees” has been changed to “priests” because it will make more sense to the intended audience. This change also helps to highlight two commonly travelled paths that lead to further delusion:

  1. “faith” in some religious authority: “Priests”
  2. “faith” in some academic authority: “Scholars”

Such “faith” is harmful in both cases.  Your own diligent mindfulness, not adherence to some religious or secular dogma, will produce awakening and transform pain.

Critical brain-heart-connected analysis will reveal the truth of a statement. A single scientist’s bold opinion, or even the unanimous consensus of many scientists, does not make truth. When a thing makes sense, it makes sense. When it does not make sense, it does not make sense… It does not matter who is asserting what.

Annnd, really, the only “truth” is GnoTruth: experiential intuitive formless awareness without foundation on any of the limited minds (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, discursive thought). This ineffable inscrutable [no]mind, the mind beyond beyond, is always available. This is Buddha.

The practice leading to familiarity with this deep mind is simple. Know what is in front of your face and what is hidden will be revealed. Practice mindfulness!

Nope. They can’t enter. They are unable.

Also, the original translation had “they have not entered”. I added that they also can’t enter. I felt like “have not” implies that they might be able to enter if they tried. Buuuuuut. Until they stop being Priests and Scholars, they will be completely unable to enter the Kingdom. Approaching reality from either perspective leads to the proliferation of addictive wrong-views.

The Kingdom is the everpresent Bliss Realm that is spread out everywhere, but people do not see it (because they do not look). Letting go of the differentiating, discriminating mind, another vision arises (the Buddha eye sees the HappyLand). Infinite light. Infinite life. Amitabha. Amitayus.

“Should” to “Must”

I changed “you should be as shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves” to “you must be as shrewd…” Bodhisattvas must be actual living beings in actual reality. We beings who tend toward awakening must be real.

In this realm, in this story we find ourselves, we are presented with harsh and foolish dictator-priests and dictator-scholars. Our love of wisdom instigates a shrewdness toward those who encourage delusion, anger and greed.

For the sake of compassion, we are innocent and gentle as doves: loving the ‘enemy’, speaking skillfully, generous to all without regard to form.

Contradictory? Maybe. The Bodhisattva is ready to bite, and her venom is the most poisonous– but she is a mother to us all, caring, comforting, and guiding us all toward complete liberation.

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