Harsh Buddha Christ

Everyone you love will die. All that you cherish will go away.


Rub the sore spot.

There is one painful truth, with many frightening faces, and !holy shit! how it plagues the thought of the deep-looker.



Do not remove your gaze from its horrifying countenance.

Do it more!

All of your accomplishments will be forgotten. Scratch your name on a stone, that stone will be smashed into powder and boiled by a bloated sun into a runny mineral soup.

All that you have grown fond of will be taken from your clutching grasp. You will be separated from that which you need.

Observe the flowing river of body.

That body will disintegrate! Change, change, change, change.

Your beautiful body will become so withered and unattractive. People will cry when their gaze falls upon your sad story. Your strong arm– a fragile bone. What was once so active and useful is now a burden to all.

Pull off the scab

To cut to the sore point: all ‘things’ that come together will fall apart. There is no comfort in thingishness.

What’s a Bodhisattva to do?

Finding no comfort in the conditioned, we remember the unconditioned. Honoring the unconditioned, we engage the conditioned fullheartedly, without fear or regret.

Recognizing our foolishness– we see that our ideas of ‘the unconditioned’ are only ideas.

Nirvana is samsara. The kingdom is here now. You are BuddhaChristGod with self-imposed amnesia. Those who say otherwise are fools, liars or both fools and liars.

Abandoning all methods

Recognizing that all ideas are only ideas, we depart from all the spiritual paths.

We leave the foolish ascetics and mystics and lunatics and we come to abide in everpresent wholeness. Pleroma.

The big trick

From the Pleromatic perspective, we laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Saklas never left home! Never became lonely in the void. Never imperfectly imitated Plato’s forms while assembling our ‘Universe’. Never populated the heavens with Archonic forces. Never proclaimed his Absolute Loneliness. Was never overcome by Sabaoth, Eve, Pistis Sophia.

From this Ultimate ultimate perspective, where do we go? Where else do we go, but back to Limited Differentiated Discriminated Dualistic Samsara?

You better laugh!! If you don’t laugh maniacally,  you’ll lose!

You’re gonna lose the game you invented ten million aeons ago! I’m gonna get ya.




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