Ultimate Bliss Land.

Dropping views, you become a heretic. Systematizers are irritated because they see you residing in the Ultimate Bliss World. Knowing that you are imperturbable and always active in your perfect motionlessness, they become jealous and confused. Kiss them.


Views are dead. Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

It is easy to cling to views, well… maybe ‘easy’ is the wrong word.

It is common that we humans will find an amount of [temporary] comfort  in clinging to views.

Yeah. That’s better.

The human condition is in large part characterized by ignorance. We’re born and we’re like, ‘Whaaaat?!’.

Well, some of us are.

Birth Style

Some other little babies don’t seem so stressed. This is actually even addressed in some Pali Suttas. Buddha mentions the various ways beings enter, abide in and exit the womb.

  • One may enter, abide and depart the womb “knowing”.
  • One may enter and abide knowing, but then forget while departing.
  • One may enter knowing, but then forget while abiding and this one will depart without a clue.
  • One may enter without a clue, bewildered, disoriented by the psychospiritual trauma of death due to their lack of intimacy with the deeper parts of the ‘nonself’. So, as you can see– they will also abide and depart in confusion.

Jesus Digression.

So, this is why, in the Gospel of Philip, we see that Jesus encourages us to be ‘resurrected’ while we are alive. Now! Be ‘reborn’! Reborn in Amitabha’s infinite lifeLight! Attain gnosis today. See the kingdom here now. Walk around like you own the place! You are the place!

I died in this shirt

With deep, actual, doubtless confidence that all BuddhaRealms are empty (interdependent), and therefore interpenetrate one another– indeed! With bold eyed staring into gnotruth, you can catch glimpses of endless universal laughter.

Original Christianity was Bliss Land Buddhism brought to the Middle East. Bliss Land Buddhism is a specialized form of Zen.

This Bliss Land Buddhism was born when certain ancient masters (yes, some of them were even ‘Zen’ Masters) realized that the infinite diversity of infinite beings requires infinite skillful means. Taking refuge, finding comfort and rest, with Infinite Light Buddha’s ultimate wisdom and compassion, her vows and her realm (they call this set of things “other-power”), and by application of constant mindfulness, diligence and effort (this is “self-power”)– the aspirant remains in connection with Amitabha and is even able to perceive that Bliss Realm here, today. We already know that Mahayana Monks were in Alexandria by Jesus’ time. If you actually read the new testament, you can see that Jesus is reiterating this basic scheme, but to a Jewish audience. Jesus: the Jewish Bodhisattva.

Similarities here with **Early** Christian thought?

Modern Christian theology has ‘missed the mark’ (“sin”:”hamartia”) and has blasphemed against holy Mother Sophia (read: PrajnaParamita).

Both traditions ask us to reorient our views toward the afterlife, but The Bliss Land Tradition also promotes the more subtle recognition that the Bliss World is here, now.. and that Amitabha (infinite light) is our ultimate root nature. We sentient beings are coagulated light addicted to certain patterns of experience. Star dust. The Jesus of Thomas will agree, for he too practices the supreme bliss realm samadhi leading to joining the retinue of infinite light buddha.

Limited views, like a hit of heroin, bring limited relief.

With a view, a “notion”, a “conviction”, the pain of fearful ignorance is lessened. It does not really matter if the view is ‘correct’ as long as it temporarily reduces the pain of uncertainty. Couple this deep confusion with the need for continued sustenance and the urge for procreation, and we get quite a beautiful mess!

So, my fellow Americans, approach these teachings with a mind free of views. You will find Amitabha without difficulty.

In the past, I had tried to grip the Bliss Realm practice with notions and intellect, but found that I only became more confused, angry, greedy and sad. When I truly realized, I found myself laughing on a Lotus already. It happens from time to time. You remember, you forget. You are happy, you get miserable as all hell.. Thats the way it is. Back and forth. The Bliss Land is something special. It is real. As real this Saha Realm. And both are illusory! Pick yer poison!

What once seemed to be a bunch of foolish [semi-theistic] jibber jabber is quickly revealing itself to be a mooooooooost profound practice. As the understanding deepens, there is a recognition that equanimous bliss is always available. Those who seek will find. They who ask will be told. Those who knock, for them the door will be opened.

Cross to the other shore, light your raft on fire.

Ideas are just ideas. Or, wait.. Ideas are rafts!

A nice idea can help guide us toward the other shore. It can serve as impetus, as guide, teacher, inspirer, but– despite what the faith-only systematizers assert– ideas don’t have feet. Ideas don’t sweat. Ideas don’t bleed.

A raft set adrift on the turbulent ocean, without a being to put in the work of directing its course with diligent effort, will float without aim until the powers of chaos return her back to original eternal pleromatic formlessness. Rafts alone are useless. Teachings alone, taken out of their context, are stupid and useless. It is not the raft that takes you across the ocean, it is your own diligent effort put to rowing and rowing despite the height of the crashing waves.

But, without that raft… you’d be screwed!!! aahahhahhahha.

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