Defeating Trump: PsychoSpiritual Poetry

“ your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..Easy to say.


Fingers point and mouths are open – mouthing curses at ‘enemies’.

The lion rages. The ego craves and clings and kills those that stand in the way.

“You threaten mine? I kill and crush and smash and destroy so that no remnant is left to reproduce or remember.

Preserve this pattern! My atoms! My motion and rest! Long live my autopoeitic, structured dissipation!!”

This is the way of it. We tend toward delusion. Apples fall from trees. roll down hills, and gather in the pit of pits. Gravity encourages them all to settle upon the attractor. They each take unique paths, but end up together at the bottom. This is how the system behaves.

specks of dirt on a fingernail[爪上の土] ( sōjō-no-do): The number of particles of dirt that can be placed or balanced on a fingernail, an expression used in Buddhist texts to represent extreme scarcity or rarity.

In particular, it symbolizes the rarity of being born a human being, encountering the Buddha’s teachings, and attaining Buddhahood. The phrase is often contrasted with expressions such as “the specks of dirt in all the lands of the ten directions.”

The Nirvana Sutra says that those who do not believe in the correct teaching are as numerous as the specks of dirt in all the lands of the ten directions, while those who believe in the correct teaching are as few as the specks of dirt that can be placed on a fingernail. “Specks of dirt” is also translated as particles of dust, etc.

Consider the difficulty. Imagine the width of the Grand-Multiverse. See our universe as smaller than an ‘atom’ and recognize that it is just a wave/particle in some bigger, wilder, more turbulent flow. Out of infinite potential comes this precious actuality. Even the ‘specks of dirt on a fingernail’ image does no justice to the actual depth and breadth. We are here, gigantic universes unto ourselves– tiny, insignificant particles of dust, too.


It is easy to indulge the senses and kill those who would deny us our fix.


We Americans have the five-skandhas aflame.  It is too easy. Born wealthy and in control, we skate through life with little urgency– little reason to look deeper. Many of us commit great evil and fade away. We crush the weak and reabsorb back into the hellish mass of cheeseburger-flesh. Guns. Chemical weapons. NukeBomb Fear Application. Jimmy Carter was no better than Donald Rumsfeld. Taking advantage of the meek, we have received our reward, but they will ‘inherit the earth’.

Writing history as we shape the world according to our ugliest desires, we shall indeed reap what we sow. We are reaping the crop we have tended. AND HOLY SHIT! It is rotten and sickening.

They watch us with envy and fear– little do they know, this is hell. It is easy to attack, to react and babble, and, when faced with true ego-threats, it is very difficult to respond with clear and bright discernment. America has chosen preemptive violence over and over. Even before the moment of difficulty, we have chosen poorly.


It is rare to find one that is willing to act in accord with what they GNO. It is common to find those who foolishly thrash about, lying and doing what they hate.

Sheep. I am Shepherd.

Follow me, for my yoke is easy and the burden I lay upon you is light. No, really. It is light! Actual light! Infinite Light. Infinite Life. Amitabha Buddha chuckles forever, echoing across all the galaxies in all the multiverses.


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