Holy Spirit: PsychoSpiritual Poetry.

The Twin [Thomas] asserts importance of Mother Breath [Holy Spirit].


Gospel of Thomas, 44:

Yeshua said,
“Whoever blasphemes against the father
will be forgiven,
and whoever blasphemes against the son
will be forgiven,
but whoever blasphemes against the holy spirit will not be forgiven,
either on earth or in heaven.”

Quick and Obvious

The discerning reader will notice a pattern in the above passage: Father, Son, Holy Spirit [Mother]…

It should be ‘Mother’! And, ‘son’ should be ‘child’.

This pattern is the proto-family. But, no proto-family can exist without the Womb {Womb-an}. Some patriarchal fool missed the mark [hamartia: sin. an archery term] and spoke of an impossible family. Because we consider no written word to be infallible or HOLY, we can point and laugh. Only a f***ing idiot would speak of a family with no Mother. Shit head patriarchs have done all they can do to erase the female.

So, now that you can see the error, we can continue.


#135 ouaab  : “to be holy”

download (1).png


#77 PNA (pneuma) = a spirit


The Vatican

The Vatican tells us the “holy spirit” is:

  • Breath / Wind
  • Ordering Power
  • Vivifying Power
  • Guiding Power
  • Healing Power
  • Universal Dimension

Also, it is interesting to note, that:

Only twice we find a reference to Holiness (ruah qodesh) Spirit of Holiness, in which Holiness is synonymous with God (Is 63, 10s; Ps 51, and 13).

Isaiah 63:10, New International Version (NIV):

Yet they rebelled
    and grieved his Holy Spirit.
So he turned and became their enemy
    and he himself fought against them.

Yeshayah 63:10, Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB):

But they rebelled, and grieved His Ruach Hakodesh; therefore He turned against them as oyev (enemy), and He fought against them.


This passage must be what Jesus is talking about in the Gospel of Thomas, 44.

Here, in Isaiah (Yeshayah) 63:10, we see very clearly that the chosen ones should not mess around with the Ruach Hakodesh of YHVH. Jesus would have known some form of Isaiah. Having been aware of the book, he was probably aware of this passage. Aware of this passage, he would have had reason to think the Holy Spirit should not be messed with.

Why not blaspheme against the Holy Spirit?

Because, God will become your enemy…

But, what is God?

God is YHVH.

Not to be pronounced. Not to be brought into the realm of notions. Not to be soiled by pulling it down into the realm of intellect. It is impossible to blaspheme against the so called ‘Father’ because it is impossible to pull him down into your puny brain. Your insults will only be directed against your own false-notions. You cannot even conceive of the ‘Father’ to blaspheme against him.

On the other hand, this unknown, inscrutable omniscient, omnicentric, omnipotent presence can be known indirectly, through ‘signs’.

“I will be what I will be”.

“I am what I am”.

Look around. All that you see, hear, taste, touch, smell or know [with intellect] exists in two ways. There are two dimensions [at least]. Relative and Ultimate.

“Science”, from the latin “scio”, is the attempt to “know to the fullest possible extent”. It is the endeavor of seeking to pull it all down into Saklas’ dominion. And, HOLY SHIT!!! Saklas does an excellent job. Yet, little does he know that, in all his actions, his Glorious and Radiant Mother Faith-Wisdom has left her seal / has hidden her presence.

Pistis-Sophia-Zoe[Eve] has secretly enticed the raging Yaltabaoth/Saklas/Samael to perform this dance. Yes! The dance is beautiful. Only those who GNO, will understand. It’s ok.

Our only hope…

We don’t blaspheme against the Breath of God because it is our only ‘lifeline’. It is our ‘way home’. We can’t know god, but we Gno God by the Everpresent Holy Spirit. To turn your back on this… pain. Unending pain. Dukkha. Samsara. Cycles within Cycles for endless infinity.

The Practice

I shit on all the Gnostics and their esoteric occult garbage. The practice is more simple and more profound than their 19th century imaginations could have ever conceived. Working from the dead words of idiots, some fools concocted a Religion in imitation of the Religionless Teaching of Enlightened Discourse. Bah. Gnotruth! Crush dogma!

The practice is Breath. She is the practice. Prajnaparamita. She is the perfection of wisdom [Sophia]. She is the mode of vision experienced by those who are as sly as snakes yet innocent as doves. There is no list of thoughts that can contain the practice. There is no method. There is no teaching. There is no liberation or Nirvana separate from THIS holy shit hole.

Worship the mundane, every little effing speck of it, and you will GNO the truth.

The end.

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