The Twin’s Mudra.

Thomas does Avalokitesvara’s compassion mudra.

The following images are from here.

The Twin’s Fingers.

Fresco on the Church of St. Nicholas. Stravronikita Monastery, 1546.

Stavronikita Monastery is an Eastern Orthodox monastery at the monastic state of Mount Athos in Greece, dedicated to Saint Nicholas.

Notice the hand.

Athens, 1133.

Nice thumb to ring finger action, just a bit concealed by hand position. This one was done a few hundred years before our previous image.

Not sure where this one is from, or when.

Again, notice the ring to thumb positioning. This one has the pinkie in there, though.

Again, not sure where or when this comes from.

He is doing it again.

Not sure.

Very clearly doing it again.

Don’t know where or when this comes from.

Yet again, doing the thing, this time with the pinkie.

Examples abound.

I wonder what this finger position means in the Christian context. If you know, or if you have more pictures of Thomas doing this thing with his fingers, share in the comments.

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