5 to Shadowless Light: PyschoSpiritual Poetry

PsychoSpiritual Poetry is a phrase I invented to mask my laziness. These posts are what happens when I step from peak to peak– only those with long, crazy, hairy spider legs will follow me. I lazily reference ideas without citation. I half-assedly assume that my audience is already well acquainted with, not only, a vast body of Early Christian and Buddhist literature, but has also learned to put the words of ancient dead people into practice– to discern for oneself the benefits and drawbacks of each of the infinite Dharma Doors. Please excuse my prelogical metarationality.

Listen to this poem here:

20170228_203709.jpgThere is a Light that is not Light. It stretches across vast reaches of SpaceTime without any movement at all, encountering objects of all types without casting a shadow.

Shadows aren’t bad. Bad isn’t bad. Good isn’t good and yes isn’t yes. It is beyond meaningful, and yet– it is not meaningless. Giving some, you receive more of it– it is without substance, yet do not be deluded.. it is not void formlessness. More real than real and less real than unreal– a figment of a figment’s imagination. Do not resist it and do not indulge recklessly.

2017-01-22 15.04.06.png

Things are not Things

In GnoTruth, all things are empty. Each thing we believe to be a thing– that we take to be an isolated, self-defined, thing– is a thing in so far as we have defined it as such. Yet, looking deeper, we see that all things we ascribe thingishness to are in fact, not isolated things unto themselves. They are pieces of other things. Dependent on other things. Embedded within and composed of other things.

All things are on fire. Impermanent. All things experienced by eye, ear, nose, body, tongue, and intellect are on fire and are, in fact, not things.


Being not things, they are not on fire– their “lasting” form is an undefinable, unstable, formless form. That inscrutable depth is the Ultimate Nature of all things. It cannot be chewed by intellect’s teeth.

All things are dissipative structures existing by the fact of their fine-tuned instability. They are autopoeitic systems that thrive on disequilibrium and perpetuate their form/pattern into the future state of the spaceTime system by creating themselves, by warming themselves by the fire. 


Yeshua, Son of the Father, says:

Whoever is near me is near the fire.


Look, I have cast fire upon the earth and I am watching and waiting until it rages. There will be 2 against 3 and 3 against 2 in a house of 5. Yet, if 2 come together in that single house they can, and will, move mountains.

2017-02-28 14.16.23.png


5 is Humanity.

5 is instability.

5 is the sacred fire.

Sophia undermines all stability. Her creative and compassionate essence does not allow stagnation.

Being completely imperceptible, she has left her seal hidden upon each and every piece of the wave. In other words, Saklas believes to be achieving according to his own effort, yet, in GnoTruth, all that he does has already been taken into account and stamped with the approval of the very essence of the Perfection of Wisdom (PrajnaParamita) itself (Pistis Sophia Zoe)..

Yet, that ‘taking into account’ does not imply that Sophia has preordained the motions of unfolding reality– it means that she operates on a deeper layer, a layer beyond that which might be imprisoned by Ego’s sword: She is Beyond Intellect.


She is choreographer, existing in a context different from that of the actors on stage, performing for the audience. Existing before and beyond any particular performance– she is the mind that sets the tone for each of the infinite universes gushing through turbulent multiversal river rolling on into immeasurable infinity. Ego looks on with horror. Big numbers, big things, unfamiliar scales of space and time, that which came before and that which will come after– Humanity recoils in fear.

Foxes have their dens and birds have their nests, but the Child of Humanity has no place to lay her head and rest. Or does she?

See the wildflowers on the hillside? Even Solomon, with all his material, psychological and spiritual wealth could never compare with the natural perfection produced by a game we can call Survival of the Fit. 

You are, like the flower, a sacred expression of holy and unbridled creativity– how can you imagine that there is no rest for you here? How can you blaspheme against the Ruach HaKodesh? Why fight your own holy breath? Your own holy breath is the very same Holy Wind exhaled and inhaled by the Unknown Mother of Thunder, Perfect Mind– it is the Breath of the Ocean of Vast of Infinity. Mindfulness of Breath Meditation is a simple and profound expedient.



4 is 2 against 2, a truce was made. A treaty was put to paper. Neither party advances.

The jump from unstable 3 to the gridlocked 4 was successful, but this success, we soon discovered, was a new type of defeat.

4 is the pre-human stable structure of matter as quasi-conscious of itself and its place in the environment. 4 is the Eden before Adam was broken in two by mischievous bureaucrats seeking promotion through the ranks of Yaltabaoth.

4 is a crystal. It comes close to being a living breathing being, the story is approaching the moment of introducing the protagonist: the Human Birth– yet, 4 still lacks the element[s] necessary for collective psychic autopoeisis and therefore, does not produce the characteristic complexity  of living, 3 dimensional, beings. Yes. 3 Dimensions. Width, Height, Depth. Crystals perpetuate themselves in this way– as 3 dimensions acting out a simple algorithm on the 4th [time].

When you were 1, you became 2– when you were 2 you stretched an infinite fractal stretch and bent a 2 dimensional plane so completely that it effectively became 3 dimensional.

Having achieved form with depth, you perceived that ‘it was good’ [as opposed to ‘bad’], clinging to ‘the good’ you experienced craving. Experiencing craving, LittleMind was born and you started to amass the good for fear of the bad.

The Three Horsemen: Greed, Anger, Delusion.

And, their Guide: Ego Delusion.

They make four horses and four men. 

They run across the earth leaving smoke, blood, burnt fields, houses and sacred spaces. Behold! This is the raging flame he was tending. Be passerby. If a person knows that trouble is coming, they will lock the doors and become prepared for a confrontation. But, they are drunk– they don’t care and they won’t [can’t] care until they shake off sleepy delusion and open their third eye to bright and infinte GnoTruth. Yet, GnoTruth cannot become, and should not become, popular. It is common to err. It is rare to achieve perfection. It is easy to look backwards into the dim past, difficult to stare bold faced into bright future and more difficult still to open the third eye completely to the inscrutable, ineffable, glory of the reality of this present moment.



3 was a revolution. A quick and bloody revolution. Breaking the stability of a simple depthless line, 3 came quickly, 3 was explosive, 3 could not contain itself and quickly attained to 4.

Look around, try to find 3– you will not. 3 is fleeting. 3 killed, and was killed, in the blink of Her eye. All that you see is 4, which is what 3 quickly became– the 3 dimensions were quick to take on the burden of the 4th: TIME. If you have a little wisdom, you might be lucky enough to catch glimpses of 5.

Oh, the Humanity!


Human, all too Human.



When you were 1 you became 2 because, what else could you do?

1 is the mustard seed of ego delusion. The birth of ego delusion, rephrased, is “discrimination of this from that”.

“This” and “That” are the “Here” and “There” of a line on the Cartesian grid, for, as soon as it is asserted that there is a “Here”, there is necessarily a “There”.



Out of vast vast vast vast inscrutable ineffable boundless being/nonbeing, there became that which can be known, that which can be measured, that which participates in the snake-dance between the mental constructs of being and nonbeing. The first twitch of this was 1.

Why 1 instead of not 1? Why not 1? If it is possible, it lies dormant in the depths of infinite potential! It shall indeed become actualized at some point, in some [or INFINITE!!] future/past/present configuration of SpaceTime.


0 is a symptom of all that which is not 0. It manifests only when manifestation has occurred.

0 is false comfort. 0 is the nihilist’s opium– a temporary relief from the overwhelming truth of reality. Good luck with 0– you can have it.


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