PyschoSpiritual Poetry. This time, with seemingly unrelated sections– self-contained and yet, somehow, interrelated! Many words. Behold! From waaaay over yonder comes your favorite waste of time.



Authentic Bullshit on Fire

Where is the thing to chew?

There is no thing to chew in all of Pleroma [totality, fullness, complete perfection, heaven, sukhavati, bliss realm, land of joy, pureland].

The Great and Inscrutable Teaching is Great and Inscrutable.

If your leaders say:

“Heaven is over here!”

Or, if they shout:

“Heaven is over there!”

They are either fools, [psychic, spiritual and physical]thieves, or both.

Infinite sentient beings, with infinite inclinations and infinitely unique histories {infinite karmic compositions}, will, in the false-notion of “THE END”, be spontaneously led {therefore, not “led” at all} by the original vow (intention, will) of Root Buddha to a state of complete and perfect Awakening.

At that time, it shall be seen and Gnown that not a single separate, isolate, being has been Liberated. For, in that SpaceTime, it shall be seen and Gnown that the dualistic notions of false-imagination, endlessly proliferating around their core-center of ego delusion are, ultimately illusory.

Practically, you are indeed a being, but ultimately you are trillions and trillions and trillions of beings and not a being at all.

You are a piece of a whole and a whole unto yourself.

All names are blasphemous– your true nature is beyond beyond and there is no name that can accurately describe the totality of your essential nature. Thinking, “I am”, or “I am not” are both mistakes. It is better to stop wasting energy on such foolishness.

In gnotruth, the Great and Inscrutable Teaching cannot be cut by the sword of sharpest intellect. {Non}Existing beyond, beyond, beyond– frustrating those who would try to conceptualize the Way.

“Just do it”.

Don’t worry. You do not need to reduce Pleroma to objects digestible by dualistic false-imagination. As a child of the Living One, you are playful Pleroma in constant ecstatic dance  crazier than David’s– effortlessly and spontaneously perfecting itself by exploration of all possible imperfection.

The male emanation of Sophia{Wisdom}, Logos {The Savior, the so called “Word”, commonly, and mistakenly, called “Jesus”}, is the tangible aspect of the ineffable Lotus Law. Become better than him.

The Bodhisattva of the Middle East come to set the world on Fire. Preaching recognition of the Kingdom in impermanence, like Buddha’s Fire Sermon, “the all is on fire”, “pleroma is on fire”, “perfection is on fire”. The Kingdom is here! This realm of fire is Nirvana. Nirvana is another notion. After letting go, and after floating beyond with wise-bliss-intention-intuition, there will not be either Samsara or Nirvana or any other petty creation of discriminative-mind.

IESUS started a fire and watched it blaze. He said, “This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away.”

It is one of the “laws” of enlightened awareness.



Round Dance of the Cross

So many portraits of Jesus. Each one a solidification of ‘wrong view’. Each of all the sundry representations of holiness do great disservice to the things they are supposed to represent. The people have warned against representing the Prophet, or saying the name — and so it becomes HaShem, “THE NAME” — a veil over an already veiled name.

To know the name of a thing is to have some kinda power over it– or so the ancient word sayers hath spake. When they tried to trap down their God in the cage of cognition he was just like, whoooooaaaaa. He wasn’t going to have it.

He said,

I will be what I will be.

Or something like that.

But, it basically translates to:

Fuck off, human. You cannot imprison my vast vast vast vastness within your dualistic prison cell so that your intellect scalpel might slice and dice my being in order to “know” me..

“Know” in the biblical sense.


Ye who hath claimed to “know” another hath committed the most heinous crime!

You have become soul-raper.

You cannot contain a person by your ideas of who they are, who they were, and/or who they will be.

They themselves do not even know themselves well enough to make such claims.

You see the twig in your sibling’s eye, but not the gigantic log in your own.

All the people laughed and told Jesus Bar Abba [Barabbas](Son of Father),

“You speak as if you had some kind of authority.”

He said,

“Ya’ll are a bunch of fools, liars, and thieves.”

And then he said,

“A prophet is not accepted in his home town. All towns are my home town. I am not accepted anywhere.”

She grabbed him and said,

“Good mast….”

But he silenced her and said,

“Do not say that I am good.

There is One that is Good: the Living One.

Pleroma is on fire. This heaven will pass away and the one above it will pass away as well. Impermanent. Painful. The Living One abides nonetheless. Outpouring endless unknowable blessing onto immeasurable sentient beings.

You should be ashamed that I have come down. For, I have only appeared in order that you may be corrected.

You think I have come to usher in an age of peaceful sedation. Nah. I got fire, swords and war. The five in that house will become lost in conflict, two against three, three against two.

You cry rivers when I speak of things deeper than Ego, older than Time, and when I mention the harsh things to come, and those that are gone, you moan and moan and moan– but! you skip like cheerful idiots when I console you with shit crumbs. Find a place of imperturbability. Be passerby.

We Bodhisattva warriors have a long road ahead and a long road behind. They are equally infinite. There is much to do. Nothing to do. Much realizing of the fact that there is not much to realize shall occur.

Now, that is what happened and they’ve said many things about it. That’s the story they told and then, that’s the story we forgot on purpose. Because, why would the harsh and difficult truth ever become popular? They burned the story and buried the ashes. No one wants to remember it. Hence, the appellation: Lost Gospel. The Good News was forgotten.



Great and Holy Emptiness

“Great! The Great Enlightened, The Great Holy Lord, In Him there is no defilement, no contamination, no attachment.”

That which is called “Great and Holy” is notGreat and Holy.

O! Sariputra, Pleroma is Emptiness. Emptiness is not voidness. Voidness is something: a notion. Samsara is Nirvana. Nirvana is Samsara and Buddha is Sentient Being in profound, holy pain and sacred discontent.


Great and Holy, as an idea — an expedient method– as used by the Tathagata in speech, is “Great and Holy” in that there is a notion of “Greatness and Holiness” held by infinite sentient beings existing within the loop of “Beginningless Cause and Effect, Effect and Cause”. Therefore, the Tathagata speaks of “Great and Holy” out of compassion for the infinite beings who hold this notion with pride.

Such beings are the beings spoken of when it was said that “after I’ve liberated all beings, not a single living being shall have been liberated”.

Out of boundless inscrutable compassion, Momma Buddha of Infinite Light [Sophia-Pistis-Zoe-Amitabha] has enticed all beings to find birth in the realm of endless, beginningless and indescribable joy. One of her sons is the Jewish Bodhisattva, Yeshua: “The Savior”.

Son of the Father (Yeshua Bar Abba), the one (of two) Jesus judged by Pilot. One of them was killed because he represented more of an actual political/military threat– this Jesus’ Kingdom was an actual, physical, political, Kingdom. The other Jesus, the Child of the Living One, was Buddhist. This one lived, escaping Roman captivity because of the crowd’s demands.

And, they’re allllll just some stories people told way back when. Fuhhhgit about it.

Brahman : Great and Holy?

Greatness is not greatness. Here, we find Buddha twisting oppressive concepts into useful ones.


396. I do not call him a Brahman merely because he is born in the caste of the noble ones, or of a Brahman mother. If he is a possessor (of passions), he becomes known by the appellation bhovadi. But one who is free from possessions (craving) and from worldly attachments — him I call a Brahman.

Note — Bhovadi is a familiar form of address used by the Brahmans during the time of Buddha for equals and for inferiors. When the haughty Brahmans and Jains came to discuss metaphysical problems with the Buddha, they often addressed him simply, “Bho, Gotama!” Therefore, the Buddhists used to designate the Brahmans by this appellation which involves a certain amount of contempt. Bhovadin literally means one who uses the term “bho!”

I might update this to:

A person should not be considered “great” merely because they were born into a wealthy family. If that person is addicted to superficial materialism, they are common and should be regarded with pity. But one who is free from all addictions (mental, spiritual, or physical), while remaining engaged in the actual world as it is out of compassion for real people, not hiding their heads in the dirt like Ostriches — that person can accurately be called “a Holy Person”.

Ideas of emptiness are themselves empty.. Ideas are born of ideas, dependent on other ideas, lacking an isolated / self-existent / self-sustaining nature. Truth must, therefore, also be empty– relative. The truest truth is not truth. I’m fond of calling this truth, “GnoTruth”.



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