Bliss Shines Through

Remembering hanging in the Lotus Temple with Thich Minh Huu, meeting angels and exchanging Dharma blinks. Insights gained in the presence of Vietnamese Zen / Pureland Buddhist sages.


Appearance Personality

You read about the ancients and find that they were on the lookout for manifestations of the Gods at all times. Meeting a stranger on the road could be a life changing event, as the stranger could very well be the embodiment of some God, Deva, Bodhisattva, Buddha, Etc.

Then, eventually, the Jewish Bodhisattva would declare that when you helped the stranger, you were actually helping him.

And, in the east, we read about poets meeting beggars on the road and discovering them to be manifestations of MahaBodhisattvas (Great Enlightening Beings).


Angels[Messages]: Sights, Sounds, Feelings, Tastes, Smells, Thoughts

Once upon a time, I sat alone in the meditation hall and followed my breath.

First, the effort was draining. Then the attention settled onto the chosen object. Then there was some other thing that started to rub against that which cannot be spoken of.

As I am not yet perfected,  Chaos Wisdom flooded the 6th Mind with ‘Messages’ (which are really just convoluted reflections of latent inner wisdom). She is kind and compassionate and beyond notions of kindness and compassion, and so her whispers were deeply pleasing. Had I clung to the pleasure, or had I clung to the content, there could have been a great falling back.

What was that download?



It was the most simple thing:

Personality is an idea. The person is more than you can ever know with intellect. Not only does intellect shoot at a moving target, but it does so blindfolded.

The “person” you imagine is a process to be observed with endless curiosity, not a thing to known and dissected by discrimination– energies flowing, trillions of atoms in fire-motion.

That which you remember and know as ‘person’ is only a tidy projection.

You are not you. They are not they. Yet, because this wheel is indeed spinning [the first noble truth]– the wheel of delusion, greed and anger– we Bodhisattvas, the children of ineffable Buddha, skillfully engage the partitions of Dharmakaya that have entertained Samsara with infinite expedient means, revealing infinite Dharma Doors (ways back home).


Why not?!

And, it might sound harsh:

You are not you. They are not they.

But, it is true beyond doubt.

And if you can stay with the delirium, it will subside and a new delusion will arise– more peaceful, a little more accurate, a little less destructive. Your progress, as long as it is conceived as such, is hindrance.



All concepts are incomplete. Give rise to the notionless stirring of the deepest mind and all those rough spots will become smooth, all the smooth spots will become rough– smooth and rough will mean nothing.

Yet, as the little ones entertain such notions, so the Buddha tricks beings by using these notions in the most skillful act of collective-mind manipulation.



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