Turbulence birth

I have come to fuck shit up.

Look, I’ve lit a match and set a twig to flame, launched the twig into a pile of brush, and cackled as the dancing flame set the village to blaze; eventually engulfing the earth in the joyous rapture of Fahrenheit 452.


It’s all “meant” to be.

“His thoughts became blind. And, having expelled his power – that is, the blasphemy he had spoken – he pursued it down to chaos and the abyss, his mother, at the instigation of Pistis [faith] Sophia [wisdom]. And she established each of his offspring in conformity with its power – after the pattern of the realms that are above, for by starting from the invisible world the visible world was invented. ”


These evil fuckers, with their arms trades and oil wars and economic oppression games… they, too, deserve the greatest compassion.

Now, with the rise of Trump, ‘the left’ is too quick to fall back into stupid hate. Anger hinders the functioning of the higher mind. The Big Mind beyond beyond beyond regards all objects of false-imagination with ultimate Stability [beyond stability and instability, chaos and order], Wisdom and Compassion.

Love is put to hate. Water is put to fire. Transformation is possible, maybe not ‘this time’, but “all will be led spontaneously to the perfect awakening”.

My good friend and teacher, Thich Minh Huu, would laugh when our conversations came to this point. Smiling, he’d say, “they will get it next time”. He didn’t speak much English. And, our conversations weren’t even in English. Not even conveyed with words.


There are Buddha Realms where beings convey intention by the raising of an eyebrow, or by a cough, or by a blink, or by a silence, or by direct mind transmission.

With extremely gentle mentation, Thich Minh Huu would regard foolishness with a forgiveness that was light and friendly– not harsh and heavy– clean and releasing. This is the mark of a good teacher. Always on the hunt for notions– always looking to chop off the head of the Buddha– the good friend, as Avalokitesvara, is open, listening, not discriminating, just deeeeeeeeply observing.

The miracle of mindfulness is beyond, it cannot be brought down from the heights or pulled up from the depths. No amount of word saying will convince a single sentient being to work up the vow to attain complete and perfect Buddhahood. It is already there– they are a Buddha Seed, and a Buddha Womb– even if they do not know. They gno.

The part in that quote from the Hypostasis of the Archons where it is mentioned that all of the Grand Architect’s actions were secretly instigated by Pistis Sophia, and that it was her that established the Archons [powers] in their places of power– after the pattern of perfection (Pleroma)– it all reallllly trips me out.

And I can feel the gnotruth in it.


In the Hypostasis of the Archons it even says that Chaos and the Abyss is the Mother of the Grand Architect?! Do you see the implication? Have you kept up on your math? Chaos is the Mother of Order. Chaos moving through the abyss produces these beautiful things we’ve come to call “sentient beings”.

Look at the behavior of systems as they change states. At certain rates of flow, these systems display predictable patterns– up the flow and the system becomes unstable, even chaotic, as there are no discernible or predictable patterns. After having become immersed in chaotic freedom, new attractors emerge from the system– new Gods are born– new forms, new patterns to perpetuate through SpaceTimes Beyond Measure.

All this evil shit and all these wicked fucking haters.. fools will be destroyed by their folly– they are already suffering in ways that are hard to imagine. Thinking in terms of power and powerlessness, they have already failed to individuate [attain to Buddha]. They will be returned to the root as they have received their reward.

Yeshua said,
There was a rich person who was very wealthy.
He said, “I shall invest my money so I may sow, reap, plant,
and fill my storehouses with produce.
Then I shall lack nothing.”
This is what he was thinking in his heart,
but that very night he died.
Whoever has ears should hear.


The 1% sits alone at the pinnacle of ridiculousness. Having amassed soooo much wealth, they have revealed their weakness and insecurity. The beast [of ego delusion, anger, and greed] will smell the blood, see the fear and will devour the Buddha Seed. The Sage Queen dies of starvation twenty thousand times a second without the smallest blink of fear or regret.


The truth will never be popular, but it is hidden on each of every wave/particle in all the multiverses! The powers of wickedness will always reign supreme because only wicked and foolish people will seek such positions. The wise, therefore, must be as sly as snakes and innocent as doves– moving undetected through this hell, lotuses blossoming upon each step!

Worshipping the Grand Architect {saklas, yaltabaoth, samael, the demiurge}, these poor fuckers cling to that which is impermanent and cannot ever truly satisfy– they will cycle through the various realms until they shake off their drunkenness and attain to deepest compassion/wisdom.

Until that time, which will never come, you will find me hidden amongst them– sick and observant. A thorn in the foot. The message cannot attain prominence, but it also cannot die. I will sing it again and again and they will kill me again and again. Vimalakirti was sick. He was not a monk. All of the most disciplined disciples of the Buddha were afraid to be in his presence because of his sharpest powers of observation.


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