Putin Petting

A love poem.

Coming down the sidewalk trippin out.
Cause everybody knows about the things that i’m thinking in my head.
I don’t know that’s just the way it is.

Just the way it is!
CIA’s got them mind reading motherfuckers
CIA mind readers!
I’m watching Putin Petting Animals on the internet.
It’s making me feel complete in my soul.
I believe everything that I read.
Everything that I’m told.
Everything that I see on tv is gold.
gold gold gold gold

I believe everything that I’m told

I’m still watching putin pettin animals on the internet with no shame
Every single day!
Every single day!
Watching. Putin. Petting animals every single day!

Behold the love!e3bca79663311bfcd2bc7d74cbec693a.jpg



Compare the evidence to:


And ask yourself, “LOL?”