Conversation with Thich Minh Huu: Pure Zen Land Monk

Thich Minh Huu is a Vietnamese Zen / PureLand Buddhist Monk. He is my good friend and is also a trusted source of wisdom. Here, I am complaining about things and getting excited about Infinite Light and Meditation. These are text messages. I’ve edited. He doesn’t speak a lot of English, but more than enough to convey the immeasurable wisdom of Buddha.

Thich Minh Huu

Nguyen Giac. Me.



I’m reading D.T. Suzuki. He’s talking about Amitabha. It reminds me of you.

Good book!

How are you?

Feeling a little sad. I’m moving again. But, there’s a Thai Buddhist Temple nearby, so I’ll go sit with them. I have no money and spend a lot of time alone, making art and meditating. I wish I could hang out with you, meditate, drink tea. Someday that will be fun.

But, I’m having a lot of fun loving my children. That makes me happy. And, I’ve been meditating with Amitabha a lot lately. That makes me happy, too. Infinite light, life, joy, wisdom, and compassion!

Yes! You can find happiness. Keep faith and go your own way!

A di da phat!


I’ve been sharing Buddha Wisdom on the internet. I try not to get too crazy, but my views are a little different than many traditions. I feel alone sometimes, but I think that’s ok.

Yes. You’re doing very well. I understand what you mean. I feel that way sometimes, too.

Thank you.

Pray. Call on Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and the Buddha.


Several people ‘offer Buddha’.

Are you saying that many different kinds of wisdom are good?

Not really. Committing to the determination to help all beings is ‘offering Buddha’.

I see.

Sitting Meditation is balance: body and mind. It is Buddha Nature. Call Buddha in Mind. Pure Light in Mind.


Amitabha’s light shines everywhere. The practice of seeing the PureLand [the Kingdom] here and now is powerful and good, but I have read PureLand Buddhist Masters who say that this practice is wrong and dangerous.

It’s ok, though. I try to not cling to views…

Amitabha Buddha is an example [a symbol?] of perfect mindfulness, for us, as we still live. 

When I was talking to Master Kim, it was clear that he “didn’t like” what I was saying– he didn’t like when I repeated the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Yes. Thich Nhat Hanh is a Zen Monk.

There have been Zen Monks in the past who have also embraced PureLand Teaching.

Yes! There have! Try it! If you feel happy, keep following it. If you don’t feel happy, don’t follow it.

Yeah! That makes sense!

Believe in your self. Looking deeply into the Four Noble Truths is OK, too. Nirvana is the PureLand. Peace is the PureLand.

Keep following Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching, understand and you will live easier. That’s what I think.

Cause and Result.

Do good [that which, by your own perception, you notice to be increasing wholesome factors in your life]. Stop doing bad [that which, by your own perception, you notice to be increasing unwholesome factors in your life]. Keep pure light in Mind. This is the Buddha’s teaching.

Thank you! I have been feeling sad and lonely. I miss being away from my home. But, the relationship was unhealthy and I was doing that which I knew to be ‘wrong’. I’m seeing that, while it is indeed extremely painful, it is better to be alone right now. No more fighting, arguing, doing what I hate, lying.

Now I am living the teaching of Buddha, before I was accumulating delusion.

Yes. Keep accepting the new. Impermanence. 

Now, I can learn to be a true friend to all beings.

Free and joyful! You will find happiness. You are a good friend of mine. 

Part of me would like to go off and become a Monk. But, I see that the situation calls for my focus to fall upon my wonderful children. I can live Buddha’s teaching wherever I am, whoever I am, whatever I am.

Yes! Laypeople can attain Buddha! Monks… It can take more time!

But, a layperson’s life is necessarily focused on greed and delusions of various sorts. A Monk’s focus is BuddhaDharma.




So, I will just be a crazy LayMonk and let Buddha take control. Practice, learning, and sharing is what makes me happy. I’m just going to do it and feel that joy! Like Vimalakirti!!

Mo Phat

Keep everything new.

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