Innumerable Meaning.

Immeasurable Meaning.


The Innumerable Meanings Sutra is the truest religion.

This selection, from the beginning, gives me chills:

Moreover, well knowing the capacities, natures, and inclinations of all, with Dharanis and the unhindered power of discourse, they roll the law wheel just as Buddhas do. First, dipping the dust of desire in a drop of the teachings, they remove the fever of the passions of life and realize the serenity of the law by opening the gate of nirvana, and fanning the wind of emancipation. Next, raining the profound law of the twelve causes, they pour it on the violent and intense rays of suffering—ignorance, old age, illness, death and so on; then pouring abundantly the supreme Mahayana, they dip all the good roots of living beings in it, scatter the seeds of goodness over the fields of merits, and make all put forth the sprout of Buddha hood. With their wisdom brilliant as the sun and the moon and their timely tactfulness, they promote the work of the Mahayana and make all accomplish Perfect Enlightenment speedily; and with eternal pleasure wonderful and true, and through infinite compassion, they relieve all from suffering.

These are the true good friends for all living beings, these are the great field of blessings for all living beings, these are the unsummoned teachers for all living beings, and these are the peaceful place of pleasure, relief, protection, and great support for all living beings.

…Bodhisattvas, playing in all the paramitas, being firm and immovable at the stage of Tathagata, and purifying the Buddha-country with the stability of their vow power, will rapidly accomplish Perfect Enlightenment.

And this is the introduction!

Buddha hasn’t even started teaching. The author is setting the scene, describing those present.

Here, we hear of three aspects of being.

  1. Sentient Being
  2. Bodhisattva
  3. Buddha

Understanding Impermanence and Interdependence, we become capable of seeing that all these various beings described as existing in this way, in this place and in this time, are not “beings” at all. There is no such thing as an isolate, independently existing being– the notion of “nonbeing” is also not more than an idea.

So we begin to open up to the sutra.

You might like to go off and seek to discover the different characteristics. You might want to know why a Buddha is a Buddha, or maybe you would like to understand what makes a MahaBodhisattva different from a petty sentient being.


But, hopefully, you have in the back of your head, the peak of the pinnacle of the truest of truths (the gem produced by the culmination of the empty wisdom of the infinite-beyond-zero Buddhas): the idea that, ultimately, all such discriminative thought is smoke and mirrors and laser shows on acid.

Touch it like bubbles: pop.

The Mahayana Dhyana Queen is not acting out of ‘benevolence’. Her formless, immeasurable love is an internal, intuitive compassion. This is just how wisdom [Sophia] looks from ‘outside’. It smells like compassion. It tastes like compassion. It feels like compassion. In the discriminative mind, it soothes and is obviously pleasant.

Unsummoned, she leads all beings [spontaneously!] to perfect awakening! Self-power, other-power, nothing-power, something-power. I’ll take diamond-heart-beyond-beyond-power. Yikes.

This sutra is yum.

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