Infinite Meaning: One Beyond Zero

In the Lankavatara Sutra, the MahaBodhisattva MahaMati [the personality of great intellectual power] was led by the Figure of Supreme Clarity [Buddha] to the realization of Interbeing and Perfect Rest.




MahaMati continued to ask, kept following the answers deeper into that field of generative formless chaos where the infinite light of Perfect Buddha shines without obstruction.

Following his own inclination to intellectualize, his analysis (aided by the Buddha’s direction) ultimately paralyzed intellect and led MahaMati to perfect Buddho.

Buddha is beyond beyond, all around, in between, within, outside, inside, above and below and she is not found in a single place anywhere in big ol’ spacetime (not anywhere, not everywhere, not nowhere, not somewhere).


Infinite Meaning!

Long since, he removed false thoughts

And conquered all the laws of existence.

His body is neither existing nor non-existing;

Without cause or condition,

Without self or others;

Neither square nor round,

Neither long nor short;

Without appearance or disappearance,

Without birth or death;

Neither created nor emanating,

Neither made nor produced;

Neither sitting nor lying,

Neither walking nor stopping;

Neither moving nor rolling,

Neither calm nor quiet;

Without advance or retreat,

Without safety or danger;

Without right or wrong,

Without merit or demerit;

Neither that nor this,

Neither going nor coming;

Neither blue nor yellow,

Neither red nor white;

Neither crimson nor purple,

Without a variety of colour.

Born of commandments, meditation, Wisdom, Emancipation, and Knowledge; Merit of contemplation, the six divine facilities,

And the practice of the way;

Sprung of benevolence and compassion,

The ten powers, and fearlessness;

He has come in response

To good karmas of living beings.


“Good” Karmas

Cause and result.

The causeless is the best of results. It is the highest, lowest and middlest of results.

Good karma, the actions which bring about awareness of Buddha, are those motionless actions that are not born and do not die– they are not created and are not destroyed.

Unless people have tasted the sweetness of BuddhaGnosis themselves, they will not understand. They cannot be told. They will not believe. They will not gno until they practice the diamond-snake-dance for themselves.


Seek and Find, Become Disturbed and Marvel

There is one nonthing to understand!

The mind system is ’empty’. Interdependent. Ideas are born from, dependent on, created out of other ideas. There is not a single ‘true’ idea that stands alone.

The same is true for all objects of the mind system.

They are not created or destroyed. In an instant they appear and pass away.

A long time is not a long time. A short time is not a short time. Big is not big and small is not small. Relative. Interdependent. Temporary. Fluid.

Learn to swim. Learn to breathe.


Perfect Wisdom. Perfect Compassion. Infinite LifeLight.

Mindfulness leading beyond mind is PrajnaParamita: the perfection of wisdom, which, from the outside, looks like the perfection of compassion. Together, the perfection of wisdom and the perfection of compassion, they are the Infinite Shadowless Light.

And, don’t come to me with your stages of Bodhisattva and Buddha. There are no stages. Sudden? Gradual? Smoke rocks and shut up!


Intellect Slice-Machine

Differentiation. Discrimination. The sword of intellect chops it up– this thing cannot deal with “wholes”

Foolish discrimination has you wading through the shitty mud, looking for fingers which you may use to point at other beings in condemnation– for their lack of so called “achievement”.

While you entertain notions of “achievement”, you are not abiding in GnoTruth. You are not an “authentic disciple of perfect wisdom/compassion” — you still stoke the fire of petty dualism that keeps the wheel of Samsara spinning. Great! What else would you do?


Let Go

It’s ok. This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will come down and go below– when you come to gno yourselves, you will be gnown and will understand that you are children of the living one. No longer frantically sorting through objects, you recognize that the simple act of resting in the ultimate nature of your own being is gnosis. It is joy, bliss, peace, rest, chaos, fire, energy, growth and beyond beyond beyond.


Concern of the Fools

This is “healthy”.

But, today, in the so called, “Dharma ending age”, the little foolish ones, abiding in the realm of greed, anger and delusion (common, capitalistic, materialist life) will express concern for you. They will wonder about you.

Addicted to false-imagination, they are utterly confused by your presence. You will be as an alien among them.

If you cannot stand, you will fall into anger– next thing you know, here comes greed and the “endless” proliferation of delusion. Cut it off at the root.

This is the “small axe” that has brought down the “large tree”.


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