Treatise on the Resurrection

Walking through the Letter to Rheginos.

Let’s morph and repeat this letter.



My son Rheginos, some people want to become learned. That is their purpose when they begin to solve unsolved problems. If they succeed, they are proud. But I do not think they have stood in the word of truth. Rather, they seek their own rest, which we have received from our savior and our lord, the Christ. We received rest when we came to know the truth and rested on it.

“Dear Friend, some people are deluded by the false notion of the isolate individual being / thing– they are sad and vain, intellectual, academic, scholarly people. When they solve petty problems, there is pride, but such people as these– they  never stand in the infinite light. They seek small pleasures, their own rest, limited results, and do not attain to unlimited pleasures, ultimate rest and unlimited, immeasurable, ineffable results. They have no diamonds. We found our pockets full of diamonds when we came to GnoTruth and were finally and absolutely content to rest upon boundless wisdom throughout infinite transformation. Until the last sentient [non]being attained to complete liberation.

Since your pleasant question concerns what is the truth about the resurrection, I am writing you today to tell you. Many do not believe in it, but a few find it. So let us see.

“Because of your desire to bring awakening to the multitudes, I shall preach in order to rain down blessings upon all sentient beings. Let’s see what happens.”

How did the lord proclaim things while he was in flesh and after he had revealed himself to be the son of god? He lived in this world that you live in, speaking about the law of nature, which I call death. And more, Rheginos, the son of god became a human son. He embraced both qualities, possessing humanity and divinity so he could, by being the son of god, conquer death, and, by being the human son, restore the pleroma.  At the beginning he was above as a seed of truth, which was before the cosmos came into being.  In the cosmic structure many dominions and divinities have come into being.

“What was the teaching of the Awakened One in that incarnation? And how does that teaching relate to his ultimate nature as a child of the living one? As a Living Buddha?

He came to exist in differentiation, in the land of discrimination: Samsara. He spoke about the causes and results, the deeper psychoSpiritual laws, of this material realm: which I shall call ‘death’.

And, dear Friend, the child of the Living One became a child of Humanity. The human birth is precious! It is in the human realm that the Vajra Drill spins and grinds and produces the most intense light that burns away all delusions.

The birth-state of the Gods… they are deluded by pleasure. Those born in the hellish realms, they are deluded by suffering. But, the human birth is the middle birth, Middle-Earth, the tension is perfect for producing the determination to attain to complete and perfect Buddhahood.

Like Sakka, in the Pali Sutta, who told the Buddha that he wanted to attain to a human birth so that he could practice the Buddha’s teaching, attain to GnoTruth, die, and be reborn in an even higher celestial realm, and continue to beautify the BuddhaField by populating the Ranks of the Devas and reducing the number of Asuras.

His / Her presence exists as an Archetypal, nah.. Proto-Archetypal, no. Proto-Proto-[infinite expansion]-Proto-Archetypal seed before, beneath, above, after, above, between, within, and all around the cosmos.

In this cosmic structure, many kinds of personalities have come to exist and, through a bewildering and unknown feedback system, together they cause infinite propagation of the endless mind-system. This is called coming into being.

I know that I am presenting the problem in difficult words, but there is nothing in the word of truth that is difficult. After the solution appeared,  to ensure that nothing be hidden and everything be openly revealed, there are two essentials: the destruction of evil and the revelation of the elect. This solution entails the emanation of truth and spirit, and of grace bestowed by truth.

“This level of gnoTruth is difficult to bring into words, down into the realm of intellect… but, gnoTruth itself is not difficult. It is your own Ultimate Nature.

There is a clear story being told for the benefit of sentient beings– it is a psychoSpiritualHistorical Map. Resisting hatred and stoking the flame of GnoTruth, spinning the DharmaWheel. This is a story about the grace of the wind.”

End of part 1.


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