Higher Awareness Interaction and Intention with Physical Matter

There is a great psychoSpiritual truth spoken by many of the long-dead masters of the many traditions which still rings true:

The Universal is a reflection of Individual. It is a fractal relationship of infinitely unique expression combined with self-similarity on infinite scales: Universal is Self, Self is Universal.

All objects of perception can be assigned different functions in the role of creation of moments passing through the live stream of deepest [no]Mind.

It is not necessary to manipulate reality on this level, as divine architecture will perfectly assign roles to the objects that you do not. Yet, you should remember what Carl Jung says of Individuation. You are not an individual until you have taken responsibility for the projections of deepest [no]Mind.

All of “Physical Matter” outside of “[non]Self” is high-level, extra-dimensional technology. Since it all is a reflection of your ultimate nature, it is yours to play with, tweak, alter, amplify or diminish.

Signing off with an example:

vibing in a social situation ->

feel collective fear/anxiety ->

request nearby rock/tree/etc. to run the vibe of the area for a bit ->

feel better.

Many Blessings,


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