The Gospel of Truth

Your God never stopped talking to me.


In the recent past,
Mahamati Bodhisattva descended from its place in unspeakable perfection,
through layers of confusion,
and settled upon a certain configuration of false-imagination.

It took pity on the sparks of shadowless light that had gathered around the error
and shone an unspeakably bright light that spread across eternity instantly.

At once.


The Archons did not notice the arrival of this seed of perfection, but Saklas was disturbed.
Being blind, he could not perceive the origin of his disturbance and so he called out to his Powerful World Rulers, asking them to discover what had caused his strange feeling.

The Light had fallen upon The Twin and it began to convey its message.

And she said,

Understand what I bring and you will not taste death.

Whoever discovers what I mean
will have discovered that there is no birth,
and that there is no death.

There is no coming or going.
No starting or stopping.

Seek the beginning and you will find the end.

Heaven and hell are inside you and outside you.

When you gno yourselves,
then you will be known,
and you will understand that you are children ,
not slaves or subjects,
of the Living One.

Beyond “one”,
beyond “many”,
beyond “zero”.
Who you really are,
no one can really say.

But, if you do not gno yourselves,
then you dwell in poverty and you are poverty.

Do not lie,
and do not do what you hate.
Live joyfully,
with boundless and formless and foundationless faith in nothing at all,
and miserably,
totally engaged in all of it,
wrapped up and free.

Be passerby.

Seek and you will find.
You will find and be disturbed.
Disturbed, you will marvel.
you abide in Pleroma,
reigning supreme over all that which has manifested.
Reigning and resting, you begin to seek again.
Forever in a moment.

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