Seeking Wholeness?

Conflicting urges push in various directions.


As a piece,

seeking wholeness–

as a whole,

seeking to be in relation.

Always seeking to be a piece in a larger whole.

The urge defeats itself.

As a piece,

the universe is big and you are small.

You are insignificant.

As the whole,

you are big and the cells, molecules, atoms, etc.. are small.

You are the meaning maker.

You are as significant as you want to be.

You are as big or as small as you want to be.

You are the Grand Architect, Demiurgos.

And, you have set yourself free.




And, you have bound yourself.




With compassionate wisdom,

as sly as snakes and innocent as doves–

you will find us in all ages,

suffering and dying and remaining in obscurity.

Gnotruth is necessarily unpopular.

Having dropped arbitrary notions of big and small,

and yes and no,

and good and evil,

and all such objects of dualistic delusion,

like Sabaoth,

you have gone beyond,

to a place of Life.

With the Snake Instructor.



With faith in wisdom and life.

You “Gno Truth”.

And the Archons cannot recognize you.


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