What is GnoTruth?

Providing some explanation for the sake of sentient beings everywhere.

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There are these five wonderful qualities:

  1. Faith
  2. Diligence
  3. Concentration
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Discernment

These five wonderful qualities are displayed by all true Gnostics. It is not the acceptance of this or that doctrine that determines whether or not one stands in the light of GnoTruth. Gnosis is not a thing.

GnoTruth is a practice. It is the practice of going beyond. Gnosis is the state of the one engaged in the practice. A Gnostic is one engaged in this constant practice of going beyond.

Roots of GnoTruth

Yeah, it grows out from early Christian soil. The ancient wisdom has been assimilated and smashed and we have gone beyond it! And, there is Buddhism. PureLand, Zen, Theravada, Mahayana, who cares!? Diamonds and Snakes and Ghost-Whisperers.

Some ancient texts are really freaking beautiful. Finding the words of our dead friends, hearing them echo through timeSpace, it can be very exciting! Buuut, in GnoTruth, all texts are fun expressions of ideas and all ideas miss the mark.

GnoTruth is not another idea.

Go Beyond

So, the fool comes to the Buddha and sees the eight-fold path, the twelve causes, the seven steps, the five heaps, the paramitas, the triple jewel and all the rest of the infinite number of devices employed to entice deluded beings.. and they whimper, “It doesn’t make sense. There is too much to remember!”.

If you’re seeking wholeness, if you are looking for the best doctor with the most effective medicine, how can you settle for shitty little limited assertions about this or that thing?

Any word, any thought, is only an inaccurate representation of something that is beyond, beyond. In GnoTruth, there are no words, no teaching, no method, there is no doctrine or dogma or priest or religion.

No birth, no death.

The devices employed by Buddha are special. We are expected to know that they are devices. We are expected to remember anatman, to see that all such assertions are ’empty’– they are interdependent! All things are interdependent!

Things are made of non-thing elements. Buddhas are made of non-Buddha elements. Non-Buddhas are made of Buddha elements! Dropping superficial discrimination, you learn to abide in GnoTruth with Buddha.


One with GnoTruth is always a disciple of Buddha.

Buddha is the awakened one within your realest nonSelf. It is your truest nature.

Buddhism is a European idea created to characterize a range of Asian practices revolving around the teachings of supreme awakening.

There are infinite Buddhas, infinite sentient beings. When your friends do not understand, just smile. They’ll get it ‘next time’. There is nothing to preach. Let your practice be your preaching.

But, what is your practice?

What makes a disciple of Buddha different than any other disciple of this or that teacher?

A disciple of Buddha is always mindful. Always practicing ‘meditation’. Sitting, standing, walking or lying down!

True Gnostics are always in the Kingdom as Children of the Living One!

When walking, they walk. When sitting, they sit. When lying down, they lay down. When standing, they stand. When sensing, they sense. Never rejecting, never clinging, never remaining delusively apathetic. With a mind of equanimity, they shine infinite light equally in all directions across hundreds of thousands of myriads of kotis of asaṃkhyeya universes.

GnoTruth is the most mundane thing and the most exalted spiritual reality!

Ultimately, you must walk your own good goddamned self into this kingdom which is already spread out upon the earth!



because I love you so much,

I’ll draw you this shitty little map.

Gnosis is…

Gnosis is a type of awareness. It is a thing of consciousness. It is non-discriminative awareness. Therefore, we can speak of the ‘Gnosis-mind’. But, in reality, Gnosis is not a thing. A Gnostic is not a person. GnoTruth is without a word.

When we speak of Gnosis-mind, we are using a mind that names, this is called the ‘Intellect-mind’. Ultimately, these two minds are the same thing.

Buuut, because a story is indeed being told, there is a difference. Difference is information! Information is difference!

Discrimination is happening.

Differentiation is the rule.

Just as water is water
whether or not it is found in a well,
in a stream,
in a river,
or in the ocean–
but the use of the water does indeed vary.
Sometimes, the water in a well is more useful than water in the ocean.
It is different.
It is the same.

Gnosis-mind does not need to chew it’s food like the baby intellect-mind.

Gnosis-mind is Alpha and Intellect-mind is Omega.

Gnosis-mind is the root, Emotional-mind is the trunk, Intellect-mind is canopy– together they produce the fruits of GnoTruth.

The fruits bare seed and the seeds produce hundreds of thousands of myriads of kotis of new trees which all, in turn, produce hundreds of thousands of myriads of kotis of new trees. This process repeats on all of the infinite inconceivable scales of DharmaKaya (the body of GnoTruth). This is the “Tree of Life”.

In short, GnoTruth is Infinite Truth. Immeasurable Truth. Innumerable Truth. Truth without limit. Boundless. Formless. Unnamed. Unnameable. Inconceivable, but perfectly realized by the noble children of Zoe.

“Zoe” is “Eve” and they are both “the Snake” and “Instructor”: “Life”. She helps us put Saklas [Samael, Yaltabaoth, Demiurgos] in his place as original Ego.

The GnoTruthiest Story Ever Told

With Plato’s help, we built this sweeeet mythology that puts all the bullshit in context. It is a psychoSpiritual story, describing our gnoTruthiest foundations.

Some retelling:

Imagine ‘perfect fullness’.

This is Pleroma!

It is a perfectly full sphere,

full in every conceivable way!

At the edge of the sphere there is a being,

a personality that is both a time and a place.

Because she is at “the edge”,

she naturally,


and creatively completes perfect fullness.

Perfect fullness is not complete without an imperfect void,

and so,

this creative and compassionate being,

the personification of Wisdom itself (Sophia!),

created the Void.

Her creative-energy brought forth a being within the Void.

Her creative-energy created an image of itself and worshiped that image,


“I am the best fucking God in all of existence!”

He created a realm within the imperfect void in imitation of the perfection from which he sprang forth and,

sitting alone in a vast flow of multiverses,

he felt the pain of loneliness,

and began to differentiate his own sense of being into infinite sentient beings in relation to each other.

He felt the tedium of omnipotence and shattered his unified power into infinitely conflicting will-to-power.

With perfect knowledge, he became completely bored and therefore fragmented his awareness-energy into compartments of perception.

And, as he created this universe, his fragmented personality assumed the form of the Archons: the World-Powers, the powers of greed, anger and delusion as we meet them in this ‘material realm’..

They are the patterns of behavior that dominate our mode of existence.

The Archons and their Lord believe that they are acting according to their own will, and they “are”, but deep down, they can’t escape the Snake Path laid out by Mother Sophia. The Mother’s will is sealed upon each moment and on every inch of timeSpace. Her will is the “Lotus Law” that spontaneously brings all [non]beings into perfect awakening.

The very nature of the Archons and their Lord call forth the strongest response from the Depth of Pleroma. The counterpart of the edge is the core! Because she is ‘sealed’, she is ‘trapped’, and because she is trapped, she is “liberated” by the Depth of the All. This “liberation” is “nirvana”, it is the end of false-imagination.

When you were Christians you were happy slaves of Saklas and his Archons. When you are baptized with Fire by the Holy Spirit you will become Gnown and see that you are Children of the Living One.

Buddha’s Demiurgos

Buddha told a Creation Story.

Except, it wasn’t really a “creation” story. In this story, the universe expands and contracts. The universe is at the stage of fresh expansion, just after the contraction, when it was ’empty’. All the beings existed in some super ethereal realm.

But, eventually, one of the beings fell out of that state and into this ‘Saha Realm’– our ‘Material Existence’. That being got lonely and wished for a friend. Just then, coincidentally, another being fell from the super ethereal existence and into the cosmos.

The original being imagined that it was by its own power that this new being came into existence. The first being asserted that it was Lord, and because the second being couldn’t remember its previous existence, it believed.

This continued and eventually the cosmos was populated with all sorts of beings and they all believed that the first being was the Lord and Creator. But, in fact, they were equals. They were equally deluded.

Saklas is the first being. The Archons are those that came after. We are equal to them all. Until you gno the story, from your heart to your head and to the soles of your shoes, you won’t assert your authority, as an Awakened One.

Like the son in the Lotus Sutra that believes he is a slave, until you assert your ultimate authority you will suffer for no good reason.

What is GnoTruth?

GnoTruth is Infinite Truth. It is No Truth. It is Gnosis. It is aryaJnana. It is the Righteous Mind that has engaged and gone beyond, does engage and goes beyond, will engage and go beyond, dualistic delusion forever in a moment.

A Gnostic is one who lives on the nectar of GnoTruth. One who abides in no truth. One with gnosis. This one is always a disciple of the Buddha no matter the tradition expressed.

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