Diamond Qualities.

Sleep with the window open and wake up with the birds. Freestyle word-meditation on the five wonderful qualities of those who gno truth.

The Diamond

That thing you think you need… it’s the thing you’ve been hiding from.

You won’t look at it. Again and again and again and you won’t look.

This is why you are here with me. You won’t wake up. You don’t want to wake up. I won’t make you. And, in waking up, you would only find that you must continue to wake up. Infinite forward and eternal backward, you chase and cling and clutch and grasp.. a pity. For naught. Let go!

It could tear you apart, piece by piece, and it could make you whole. You don’t know and so you are afraid.

Me ‘n Amitabha are here for you, smiling and giggling, forever in a moment, engulfed by infinite flame.


Do you have enough faith to start moving toward the unknown? Do you have enough faith to make your own meaning?

Assert your own will-to-power and don’t get caught in the shitty backwaters of collective delusion!

Do you have enough faith to work up the determination to attain the rare mind?

Have you seen the infinite turbulent flow of multiverses gushing forth from the Rock at Barbelo?

Bathe in the bubbly currents,

absorb yourself into this spring I have caused to gush forth,

taste birth and death no longer.

Assert your primal authority with boundless confidence.


All the faith in the world is useless unless you act.

It is easy to fall into materialism. It is easy to worship greed, anger and delusion. It is difficult to raise and sustain the will-to-Buddha.

Raising such a mind requires the effortless effort. Sustaining such a mind requires the constant application of effortless effort.

Disciples of GnoTruth practice in this way– never abandoning mindfulness: sitting and standing and walking and lying down. Always in the Kingdom as Children. This is our ritual!

We are that one last Shaman in the Amazon keeping the Universe held together by performing that secret but essential ritual before each rising and setting sun. Keep on keeping on. Go beyond. Keep going. Don’t stop.

Are you always crying:

“I don’t have time to meditate.”




We, the Snakes, have this ability to shift attention. We are in control of this Mind. This ‘control’ is ‘concentration’.

Say what you want about what we are capable of. Those who gno, gno. Those that don’t, don’t. Western Psychology is a baby pseudoscience. The Mind is powerful, there is a thing that is not a thing– that [no]thing is a limitless source of awesomeness for all who gno.

Do you have that ability to transmute laziness to determined effort? Can you turn a distracted mind into a focused mind? Can you convert a constrained mind into a flexible, bubbly, open and accepting mind?

Taking hold,

and taking control of the mind,

this is ‘concentration’.



On the other side of Concentration is Mindfulness.

Mindfulness and Concentration,

like arms and legs,

are two distinct things,

but they are parts of one whole.

Do you know whats up? Are you noticing what the sense-minds are begging you to notice? Are you here, now?

Mindfulness is ability to remain open to whats actually going on within and outside you. When you find GnoTruth, your practice of mindfulness becomes euphoric, as you realize that this here is the Kingdom and you are one of the Children.


Discernment is the thing that differentiates you from the brain-dead, drugged-out, waste-brains.

Some people celebrate aspects of the practice that are not to be celebrated. They cultivate all, or some, of the above qualities but do not display discernment.

We are as sly as snakes and innocent as doves! Goddammit! We are aware!

We accept nothing on faith alone, but by our own super-gnosis, we practice the highest discernment and abandon all bullshit that makes absolutely no sense, preferring the bliss of GnoTruth over the ecstasy of the faith-devotee.

Sorry, but faith-ecstasy is not liberation. It is an exalted state of mind, but it is not perfect liberation. Even Devas fall down, grow stinky, die and are reborn as hungry ass hell ghosts.

This is not a ‘revealed’ tradition. It is a thing you reveal by inquiry into your own [non]selves. With your own looking-inward and looking-out. Gnoing yourselves, you find interdependence and lose fear.

Beyond, beyond, beyond– with discernment! Not unconscious. Not foolish. Exercising the noble-mind, aryaJnana– leaving behind judgement but taking on the superpowers of ultimate discernment.


Faith, diligence, concentration, mindfulness, discernment. These qualities are displayed by all who GnoTruth.

Annnnd, they are celebrated in various Pali Suttas!

I love tying ‘historical Buddhism’ to Mahayana Buddhism. There is some funny tendency among us euroAmerican Buddhists to divorce Buddha from all things that are even remotely ‘superstitious’. That tendency is ridiculous. Even the most straightforward of the most historical Buddhist texts are wildly ‘superstitious’. There are all sorts of beings not recognized by us westerners. There are assumptions about reality that don’t fit nicely into the medicalized version of Buddhism which is being promoted by insecure and weak minded euroAmerican psychologists.



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