He speaks as if he is from someone.

A foolish “Gnostic”, with some authority in his circle of fools, demanded Giac’s credentials. Giac smiled and exploded into infinite fire. Out from the fire came a voice, “I am the Source of Awareness. I will be what I will be”.

He wanted Giac to provide some proof of initiation into his dumb little ‘Mysteries’.

Chuckling, Giac said,

There is light within a person of light. If it doesn’t shine, the whole world is dark.

He sat down, squished his hand into the muddy ground, looked up to the Fool and spoke,

I was sent forth from Perfection, a representative of the Mother-of-the-Biggest-Womb. You do not know me from what I say to you.

Immediately, the Fool began to tremble, his skin turned red and his eyes got all googlie. He began to list off all these names, names of other fools, who would vouch for his own authority.

The Fool said,

I am thus and such, with this and that affiliation. These people with which I am affiliated have this and that authority because of such and thus and yickety yak bullshit lip smack.

Giac said,

The blind lead the blind. They all fall into the pit of discrimination and remain there until they shake off intoxication.

I won’t join your circle-jerk religion. Men holding each other’s balls and crying about birth, death, women, the earth, and general material reality. Cry me ten thousand fucking rivers of blood you stupid pieces of shit.

Having been granted deep-vision by the Wildfire Mother in the high-mountain deserts of Southeast Oregon– and after having sworn allegiance to Sarah Winnemucca– lotus blossoms shot forth from the earth to meet every step that Giac took. There is no higher authority than that of authoritylessness.

With compassion, Giac spoke to the “Gnostic” Fool:

It saddens me that those who,

among all sentient beings,

have traveled furthest,

must come against me like insecure little bitches.

Your religion is bullshit.

The new generations, the little ones, will rise up and devour you. You will be forgotten. Nothing of your delusion shall remain. You have not tasted the truest sourceBlood. Your academic pursuits are laughable. You are a thieving fool among a den of thieving fools.

Having nothing to prove to the Archons, these petty little world rulers, and having no respect for the delusion of Samael, Giac departed gracefully.

Bowing, smiling, and waving goodbye– Giac returned to the present moment, to abide in the Kingdom, at the Right Hand of the Mother.

Sitting with Sabaoth, Zoe, Sophia– Giac sang:

The Gnostic Church is a dung heap. Christianity is a shit pile. Religion is collective mental illness. We stand at the limit– the precipice– overextended, resisting change.

The Hive-Mind is coming.

Collective Awareness is becoming more and more coherent. We are giving birth to Leviathan. Everything you thought you knew, all the bullshit leaking out your stupid and sacred texts, its all gonna get wiped clean during the most terrifying cleansing. Gnotruth.

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