Information is Difference

A thing I wrote two years ago. I say the same things over and over and over.

I’ve been accused of tedious repetition.

From the outside, it seems I’m just mulling over the same garbage day after day.

From the inside, it is always fresh. There is always something new.

I repeatedly reflect upon my experience with the Goddess in the High Mountain Desert– I remember each word, each detail..

I read the same sutras and gospels over and over. I do the same things day after day. Still. There are always new things, it is always fresh.

This thing I wrote in the past is as relevant today as it was many yesterdays ago.

Here it is:

Consensual (normal, everyday) reality is made of information.

Information, at it’s root, is opposition.
Yes/no, on/off, light/dark, etc…

“Information is difference” (Gregory Bateson).

The Mind-System is made of ones and zeroes..

But! Pleroma (Nirvana) exists underneath and above, before and after, this binary arrangement.

Pleroma is Nirvana (fullness is emptiness). Perfect fullness/emptiness lacks all quantity and quality. In complete unity, in perfect oneness, there is nothing to dissect, nothing to grasp… there is no way to ‘understand’ it, there is nothing to say about it (this is why Jesus, in the Gospel of Thomas, warns us against following leaders who say they know the way to “Heaven”… because they cannot possibly know the route and are most likely trying to mislead us for their own personal gain).

Nirvana/Pleroma/God/Heaven (or whatever) can only be **experienced** (and it is possible to experience because it is our root nature– the kingdom is spread out on the earth but we don’t see it). It is possible to touch Pleroma with the practice of Mindfulness. This experience is Gnosis.

How did we get here? When did we become totally deluded by this differentiation process (or, perfectly absorbed in the story)? I’m not sure.

But… I think about what I’d do with an infinite space/time and it becomes clear that this is exactly what I’d do with it.

I’d turn Pleroma into Samsara.

I’d turn perfect oneness into endlessly evolving differentiation.

I’d turn one long lifetime into infinite iterations.

Oneness is lonely, so I’d differentiate ego into many little partitions.

Perfect knowledge would be boring, so I’d forget and try to remember again after each system-refresh (each lifetime).

If there was only constant pleasure, there would be no pleasure– so, I’d bring in pain and I’d avoid it.

It’s a well designed game. It’s so real, we forget that we’re playing.

The Nag Hammadi Library
The Diamond Sutra
The Heart Sutra
The Lankavatara Sutra
Gregory Bateson: Steps to an Ecology of Mind
Stanislav Grof

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