War Boil

Collective attention swarms around Syria. The gaze of the all-seeing-eye falls upon the Pentagon. War Hawks circle, Bodhisattvas assemble, the forces gather as they have before.

Apparently, 59 Tomahawks flew down upon a Syrian Airbase because Ivanka was heartbroken by the stories she had been told. The propaganda was particularly effective, the stories of sufferings made her feel emotions. In response, her father let the missiles fly.

In recent news, it has been reported the airbase that was bombed didn’t sustain very much damage.

And, supposedly, the Illuminati is using the same little girl in many of their sad sequences.


Nah. Not really. More disinformation. Or, well, who knows what to call it? More crazy human bullshit!

“Human, all too human.”

Meanwhile, sitting here atop Mt. Olympus, things are just swell.

Oil flows, things are consumed at ever increasing rates, minds struggle to achieve clarity, fear dominates.

The children are “worked up” and are therefore unable to think clearly. Traumatic events, one after the other, leave the collective mind in a state of shock. In states of shock, discernment is dropped in favor of immediate reaction.

It is not Trump, and it was not Clinton– it’s not Republicans or Democrats– the thing is deeper, older, more pervasive, less obvious, and more insidious than you know.


Conditions are good, the people have been massaged, they are ready for war.

Even if some of them would like to oppose it, there are too many people with too many opinions informed by too much disinformation.

Why? Money. Money is always the answer to the question: “why war?”

And, ‘money’ is just another way of saying ‘greed’. And, greed is just one of the heads of a three-headed dragon. The other two heads are named ‘delusion’ and ‘hatred’.

Know your enemy. Love your enemy. Gno your enemy. There is no enemy.

Let it be known that Soure-Mind rejects all attempts to justify aggression. If your enemy punches you in the face, let her punch you again. And again. And again and again and again.

It has been said, ‘an eye for an eye’– but Source-Mind says ‘smoke rocks’.


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