Eyes swollen with tears.

My heart bleeds for the children. My heart pumps for the people. My heart pounds, enraged, at my peers– those with transcendent power who choose to hide their heads in the mud of intentional ignorance.

Listen to me say this stuff out loud:

A soldier finds time to practice breathing meditation on the beach.

War is real. It is more than the gripping scenes of heroism you see on television. It is more than some thing for politicians to argue about. It is sad. So, so sad. Common sense suggests that war is necessary– buuut common sense is foolishness (take a look around at all these rampaging idiots, there’s is common “sense”. Common nonsense!).


Unfortunately, the wise mind is the rare mind. GnoTruth will never be widely accepted. And, again, unfortunately, GnoTruth cannot be enforced– you cannot subdue the fool and inject GnoTruth into his brain stem.


Realistically, you can only ‘be passerby’. You can only hold your lamp high in the air, shining your light into the dark places. There is light within, and if you don’t shine that light, there will be darkness.


How can we practice nondiscrimination and equanimity while remaining sensitive to the realities around us? How do we avoid foolish and hardhearted ‘spiritual bypassing’? How do we walk that line between sterile, linear thinking and wild, psychedelic, tripping? Figure it out!

Until you’ve attained to Great Compassion, you will not attain to Great Wisdom. Until you experience Great Wisdom, you will not taste the bliss of the Greatest Compassion.

Whether or not this picture is actually of children in Syria, it is heartbreaking. There are many more such images. This one stands out because I can relate– I have sisters. I have children. War is real. You warmongers are the worst people. You taste the pain of your perversion already– and the flavor will linger for many lifetimes to come.

Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching is more relevant than ever. Dropping the mind of discrimination and taking up the mind of Great Compassion is very important. With understanding, anger falls away.

You can pretend your anger is “righteous anger’ until you are blue in the face, yet, in the end all you will have is more anger– transform that anger with understanding and you will have Buddha.


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