Occultist Idiots

Those that come closest to GnoTruth, but turn away in favor of greed, anger and delusion– they are worse than those who have never trod the path.

It is a lot to ask, but nothing else will do.

Perfect awakening is the only commendable goal.

Petty absorption into some jealous Godhead is for the birds.

Leaving the rabble far behind, you have taken on the rare-mind and have abandoned false-imagination forever.

Your half-assed histories… they don’t make any sense.

No one cares about your ancient texts. God is dead. We are left with his death-spasms. The final kicks.

Waves of fools take on ridiculous faith with fervor, just a few more times before humanity takes its next step toward Buddha. Just a few more hours in this hole.

Thinking they are wise, fools perpetuate lies. Thinking they are wise, too wise to think critically, fools miss the mark and are easily led astray. Thinking they are wise, these fools jabber on without conveying any meaning.

You must be as sly as snakes and innocent as doves.

There is no time for theism or atheism.