Pull out the Rug

How did this happen? How did the teachings of Yeshua devolve into the insane stuttering of modern Christianity? It was always going to be this way. Gnosis is the rarest mind. Gnotruth cannot be popular. It will always be the cornerstone that is rejected by the builders.

Yet, despite the futility of raging against ‘the way it is’, we must hold our lamps up high. If you don’t shine that light, what you do not bring forth will destroy you– that fire will burn you.

There is light within a person of light and if it doesn’t shine, the whole world is dark. The Great Vow Bodhisattva is unperturbed by the infinite number of deluded sentient beings– she vows to save them all.

Very often I have told you these things, but because you have ignored me, I must remain with you.

Holding this lamp up, and shining this light out, I am not diminished. In fact, I am strengthened. This is an energy that, when exerted, is replenished. Like electricity travelling down the line. When the line has a bigger gauge, more current is capable of moving through the wire.

In the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha tells us that she is never exhausted by exertion of Greatest Compassion and Wisdom. Hold your own lamp, do not cry about the effort, if you do it right there is no effort. Wu wei.

If you are wise, you will not forsake the teacher– you will surpass the teacher. If you want to honor your teacher, you will outdo your teacher. If you love your teacher, you will transcend your teacher, help your teacher, pull your teacher up and out of greed, anger and ignorance. Keep pulling. Keep going.

Until you have found your snake-spine, until you recognize your dove-like clarity, let me remind you of two jewels: love and generosity. Until you can stand on your own, let these *concepts* be your crutches. All concepts are incomplete representations of the things they point toward– but these two, these two are the outward expressions of wisdom.

One person imagines that wisdom is a sharp tongue. The sharp tongue can be harmful– hurting people’s feelings. What’s worse– the sharp tongue usually harms from a place of greedy delusion. Out of fear, for the perpetuation of the pattern (continuation of the physical organism), the sharp tongue shoots down all that rise up against it. Today the sharp tongue is taken as a sign of evolutionary fitness– men and women everywhere are more and more attracted to the sarcastic wit of the modern comedian. Hahah. It is funny. What is funny is funny, but not necessarily conducive to perfect liberation. Perfect liberation is completely beyond. No words will come close to it. No amount of sass can reveal it. Wit is wit– lacking compassion, it is not wisdom. Wit, with compassion, is indeed useful and beneficial. This is compassionate comedy, another of the Buddha’s infinite expedients which the Bodhisattvas use in their wisdom-compassion-dance-work.

Any of you that claim to love Jesus– and this has become a huge thing in modern Christian circles– must at least seek to know Jesus. Begin there. Try to understand. Look at history. Do not be afraid of critical analysis! If you truly have all the faith you claim to have, why are you afraid to look? If you truly had this faith, there would be no thought, or line of thoughts, that was ‘off-limits’. Yet, precisely because you lack faith, you lash out against those that challenge your comfortable delusions.

The Gospel of Wealth is destroying the integrity of the little ones. They have become bankers and politicians, CEOs and big-headed academics– they have become weak and foolishly worship the idols of weakness. Desperate times call for desperate measures– now, more than ever, we Children of the Living One must stand tall and reject that which is to be rejected, accept that which is to be accepted, ignore that which is to be ignored, to do that which is to be done, and to avoid that which should be avoided. But?? Who lays down all these “shoulds” and “musts”? You do. You should! You must!

When I started this flow, I was going to introduce you to canonical scripture that backs up what I am telling you. Now, though.. now that I think about it.. that would only send you further astray. You give too much authority to the words of old dead ancient people. If some flowery words were all that were necessary, I would not have come here to live with you. Flowery words are the problem. The perfect teaching is the problem. The perfect teaching, if it is not practiced with diligence, is the perfect excuse to be a lazy, perverted, priestly piece of shit. And I admonish with compassion– for the fools shall be destroyed by their own folly. Your karma is your own. Unfortunately, your karma is also everyone else’s and everyone else’s is yours. Complete interdependence forever. Sunyata. Pleroma.

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