Eat your Books

Source awareness is walking through various orientations to various teachings.

Silencing the chatter-mind, you begin to listen to the other voices within. Becoming acquainted with the various characters that compose your personality, you eventually come to understand them, and with understanding you have the ability to coerce them to do your bidding.

Now, what is *your* bidding? Who are you and what is your intention? I’ll bet you a dollar that you have no clue. And if you claim to have a clue, you are one of three types– a liar, a fool, or a Buddha.

If you ever meet a Buddha, chop off her head. The “Buddha” you meet will surely be nothing but the combination of your delusions in physical form. Your extranormal ability is born of dropping discrimination and taking up aryajnana: the Noble Mind that does not operate with dualism as its foundation. With the Noble Mind, you can’t help but meet Buddha everywhere you go, all the time, and at that point, there are just too many heads to chop. Just chill.

Go read some of the earliest Buddhist texts. Check the Tipitaka. Meanwhile, don’t stop there, go read all the Mahayana texts, too. And, when you start to cry about apparent contradictions, just keep reading. Look at the wildness of the Mahayana Sutras, all the non-human beings, all the Gods and Demons and Bodhisattvas and Buddhas! Yeeee haw! You think it’s just for fun. You think its for the sake of a fancy story. No. It is an expanded vision of reality. Yours is just a small and petty slave-mind. You haven’t burst those bubbles yet– you haven’t left Plato’s stupid cave.

Both the later Mahayana and Vajrayana teachings have foundation in the earlier Pali teachings. Pure Land Buddhism is all about keeping your mind on Tathagata. This exact practice is praised over and over by Buddha in the Pali Suttas. Various super powers are mentioned in the Pali Suttas, these powers are expanded upon in later Mahayana and Vajrayana texts. Foolish and prideful, sectarian Buddhists arrogantly proclaim their version of the teaching to be the only correct version. In fact, it can all be doubted, if the mind of doubt is your thing. Actually, a bit of skepticism is necessary for prajna paramita. The perfection of wisdom is born from one long “I’m not sure this is right”.

On the other hand, I’ve found ‘Theraveda’ monks foolishly proclaiming their texts to be superior. Nah. Such a claim is equally foolish. They say, ‘ours were the first texts to be put into writing’. Yeah. Great. Like, 300 years after the Buddha died!

But, they reply: “the monks had great memories”. So what?! I will not put faith in the fallible memories of some zealots. Call me hardhearted, but I don’t believe that the Pali texts are the exact words of Buddha.

So, just as I have done with my ancestral teachings– Christian teachings– I’ve had to absorb and digest them all. Canonical, non canonical, I’ve had to look deeply into the historical context, into the assertions being made by modern occultists with their esoteric knowledge about meanings, and then I’ve had to actually practice the teachings. You don’t know a teaching until you’ve practiced it and tasted its fruit.

Who am I to say these things? No one. Don’t believe me. Try stuff for yourself. You aren’t going to achieve enlightenment on the internet. Yet, because the flies gather around the light, because the people congregate around these interwebs, I have come to them, to dwell among you.

The Stream-Entrant does not announce her stream-entrance. The once-returner, the twice, thrice, seven times returners, likewise, do not announce their position. They do not even consider themselves. Practically, yes– they walk here, eat that food, shit, piss and cry… Ultimately, no– they are always free.

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