Material poverty. Spiritual abundance. I have no money and this is the way it is.

Could say yes. Will say no. Forever.

I am a white male in the U.S. with good connections. I could work from 9 to 5 and pull in all that dough. I have web development and internet marketing skills. I could use them, find a job, and contribute to someone’s chase after more and more wealth. But, no. I have abandoned that urge to chase and I have shaken off the chains that bind me to the will of those who would chase and chase.


The majority will find my actions foolish. I, on the other hand, celebrate my determination.

They will call me lazy, I will call them lazy for accepting drudgery.

Lacking Mindfulness, they Suffer.

Some will say, “I love my job”. But, most of them will be lying. Most people just don’t have enough mindfulness to accurately report on their inner states. Such an ability takes practice– this practice is actively discouraged in our society.

And, again, some people may actually love their jobs– but, looking at the whole, those who actually enjoy their employment must be very few. There simply isn’t a wide enough variety of jobs to afford people the opportunity to find a profession that will satisfy their hearts. Most people must work at shitty jobs they hate. Walmart. Fast food. Warehouse shit. Factories. Cogs in a creaking machine. Soon, you will be replaced by robots.

Western Culture Promotes Greed, Hatred, Delusion.

Popular culture promotes greed, anger and ignorance. Yes, this is the Dharma Ending Age. But, no, you don’t know what ‘Dharma Ending Age’ means. I will tell you that it is the age where the majority of people have lost the ability to listen.

I don’t Mean to be an Asshole.

Sorry for talking shit. You who have found joy in working, work away! Ignore me and my admonishing.

Jesus had views on this.

Ignore Jesus? Many, many people that claim to be Christian do so on the daily.

It is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom than it is for a Camel to enter the eye of the needle.

And, no. “Eye of the Needle” is not referring to some small gate in Jerusalem at which merchants had to unpack their camels. “Eye of the Needle” means “Eye of the Needle”. This statement means, “don’t chase wealth”. He actually says it over and over and over in different ways. “Don’t chase wealth”.

Hard Work = Holiness

But, somehow the “Protestant Work Ethic” was born. This idea that working hard is righteous. That putting your head down and engaging in endless drudgery for pocket change is the mark of a god-fearing Christian. No. Ye hath been led astray.

The exact opposite is the teaching of Jesus. Do not stress about material goods. Don’t worry about your clothes or what you will do tomorrow– this present moment has enough to ponder. Jesus said these exact things! No one cares! HAHAHA. Or, at least, not a big enough portion of our Christian population has actually read the teachings of Jesus and so they are easily led into slavery by hypocrites pretending to represent Jesus.

Amitabha’s Light. Light of the Living One.

There is a strange force that makes no sense to people that have not experienced it. Those who have experienced the boundless love that emanates from nowhere drop all fear and charge forward into the ever-present Kingdom.



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