Goodbye Fear. Kick rocks.

The general drift of most new-age western psycho-babble: “It’s ok to be a fearful and spiritually-weak piece of shit. Excuse yourself at every turn. Don’t worry about bettering yourself, just accept all your shortcomings and cower like a beaten dog until you die from the drudgery of your 9-5 slavery.”

It is so tedious.

They go to college for four years, or eight years, or one hundred years, and they learn the dogma of their foolish priests. They learn some technique and they run out to employ it on those poor, poor impoverished and suffering souls.

No. Foolish psychologist, you do not have the experience necessary to give me the guidance I need. Some things may only be discussed between two Bodhisattvas.

Their’s is a state-sponsored religion.

At best, it is a pseudo-science.

The mind cannot be adequately understood from the outside alone. Most of these so called “healers” do not gno themselves and are therefore unable to gno anyone else. They do not love themselves and are incapable of loving anyone else. They are actively discouraged from forming real relationships with clients. They gotta ‘keep it professional’. No. No professional will get anywhere near this bright bright mind-light.

I say these things, not as some uninformed hater, but as one who has rejected the garbage from inside the garbage can. As a patient and as a scholar of the history of western psychology.

The best of western psychology was stolen from the east, by Jung. Thankfully.

Or, it is some weak update of early Christian, Jewish, Hermetic, Platonic, or some other ancient school of thought– modern Psychologists, in their effort to manipulate minds, have had to rely on old ideas of what “mind” is.

Not until recently have scientists had the balls to actually define mind (I’m not talking about brain— we have been unable to determine whether the brain creates consciousness or is simply a conduit, a mediator).

And, when psychos do define mind, it sounds like some super mystical thing… and here we are again, back in the old mystery schools. Yeee haw. Everything goes!

Information is difference.

Mind is imminent in the connections between neurons, connections between nerves and objects of sensation, between eyeballs and objects of perception, between nose and smells, between ear and sound. It doesn’t stop there, but your own little partition doesn’t continue to sense what is far beyond its sphere of relevance.

So, only some of us little partitions gain the super-normal ability of sensation beyond our immediate sphere of influence/perception. Scores of ancient mystics have spoken of these super-normal abilities. And the Buddhist Canon seems to have solidified the array of super-normal abilities into a list that is often repeated. This suggests that many people over many years have had some internal experience that verifies the possibility/existence of these super-normal abilities. Why do I take them seriously? Because I have faith in the Sangha of Buddha — yeah, I’m going out on a limb — I have faith that they have actually deeply practiced meditation. They actually understand mind.

When I meet an unpracticed monk, I recognize that monk as an unpracticed monk. I still respect the fact that they have taken on the holy life, but I recognize that what they say may turn out to be simple foolishness. But, when I meet a practiced monk, I can see the light, I can smell awakening, I can hear the sweet sound of Dhamma, I can taste the nectar of gnotruth, and my thoughts are led to a place of peaceful stability– this is how I gno a practiced monk from an unpracticed monk.

There is a Dhamma Mirror we can all use to discern our own progression and to discern the progress of others. Learn about it. You don’t really need verification from some outside ‘authority’… and very often, such seeking for verification is a great hindrance. It is another form of getting stuck ‘outside’.

We, over here in the western worlds, just stand outside and poke the brain with a stick, pretending we didn’t have minds ourselves to look into and analyze.

Someday we may come to understand. Next time, maybe 😉

Strive on with diligent mindfulness, rely on your own [non]self, for there is none other with more authority.

No Master. Gno Master.

No Faith. Gno Faith.

No Dogma. Gno teaching.

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