No Basis

“Have you found the beginning, now that you are searching for the end? For, where the beginning is, that is where you will find the end.”

~Yeshua, Gospel of Thomas

Stephen Hawking asserts that something is created from nothing and no one notices how utterly illogical the assertion is.



All approximations of highest-reality are incomplete, inaccurate, false, misleading. Thoughts cannot touch this level of GnoTruth. Words cannot contain it.

Yet, between two Buddhas, this is the only topic of conversation. All utterances dance around this brilliant GnoTruth of foundationlessness.

And there is one utterance that summarizes the whole thing:


Go beyond. Keep going. Do not stop. Do not grasp or cling. Beyond, you will find awakening, and all the Buddhas will rejoice with or without you.

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