Stand up.

Some of you are steering, others just have their hands on the wheel.


When I was first introduced to the concepts born of Pure Land Buddhism, I was confused. Such statements as those found above, in the image, suggest that ‘other-power’ is not a thing. Pure Land Buddhists are all about Other Power.

Yet, elsewhere in the Pali Suttas, in the Tipitakas, we find Buddha telling us that it is enough for us to practice the recollections– beginning with the practice of recollecting the Buddha.

This practice of recollecting the Buddha is Pure Land Buddhism.

The Pure Land Patriarchs, taking guidance from the supremely beautiful Longer Sutra on Amitabha, have taken this practice and have run with it– straight to the Bliss Realm of Infinite Light Buddha.

Infinite Dhamma Doors.


All teachings are included within the great vehicle. Some of the Noble Children of Buddha have forgotten. All GnoTruths are included within the Great Vehicle. Even those teachings abusively labeled “Hinayana” are “Mahayana”.

There is no escape from our Mother Buddha’s love — she is our own truest nature.

By one’s self is evil left undone. Who are you? Where is your self? Your self is born of all things that are not yourself– including Buddha.

Statements to reconcile the various ideas:

Rely on your own Buddha-nature, which is beyond, beyond. Beyond concept. Beyond description. Beyond dogma. Beyond ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’.

Be still and gno.

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