Praise and Blame.

When people praise or blame the Buddha, Dhamma, and/or Sangha, we are not perturbed. We take the opportunity to confirm that which is correct to be correct, and we explain that which is incorrect as being incorrect.

Not flustered, excited, or enraged, we are able to keep a clear mind and we are able to educate the ignorant ones.

I have read a piece of the Brahmajala Sutta for you.

We would do well to remember that there really isn’t any time for petty argumentation!

Keeping our mind on the goal of liberation, we follow the four truths. Not distracted by praise or blame, we are focused on the cessation of pain. Skillfully applying our minds to that which brings liberation, we are not lost in arguments or foolish babble.

This is a very important reminder for us as we explore the unfolding of Buddha Dhamma on the Internet. People will praise and blame, our job is to skillfully confirm and deny without getting lost.

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