Mind-Frustration Meditation

A short psychoSpiritual poem. 

Much of this is inspired by the Lankavatara Sutra. If you want to engage the Lanka yourself, go ahead and download D.T. Suzuki’s translation, here. You should probably do that.


But, first, expose mind to these words:

Mind is mind-made.

All attempts of mind to reach beyond it’s own creations are frustrated.

Making assertions, or bringing any *thing* to mind, necessarily implies dualistic activity.

Dualism cannot touch wholeness.

The partitions crave wholeness and they suffer when their craving is denied its object.

The thing we truly desire, if we approach it with ego/intellect-intention, will be destroyed.

False imagination must chew its food. It must destroy its food in order to utilize the nutrients!

GnoTruth is unchewed food, directly assimilated, without action or ego-intention.

The Noble-Mind, the Correct-Mind, AryaJnana, Gnosis-Mind, is Original Understanding. Its that pretty little dandelion born of ineffable Dharmakaya.

Approaching this inscrutable noThing, names are unnecessary. We do not need words, concepts, or names. GnoTruth is our truest nature, it is our deepest essence.

We do not need to conceptualize it because we are it. 🙂

Words won’t contain it. Fingers can point, but fools will always focus on the fingernail instead of looking in the direction. This is “the way of the worldling”. That’s fine. Let people have their ways. Focus on your own practice.

You see the speck in your friend’s eye, but not the boulder in your own. Strive on with diligence, taking refuge in your truest [non]self: TATHAGATAGARBHA.

Clinging to no*thing*, not grasping at notions, we abandon fear and find liberation from dukkha.

Established in wisdom, expressing infinite compassion, the Bodhisattva marches on through beginningless eternity.