Practical and Ultimate Realities. Conditioned and Unconditioned Realities.

Ultimately– wayyy out in space– it is neither night, nor day. There, the cycle of alternating light and darkness is not useful for measuring time.

For the sun, it is always day. The dark side of the moon only knows night. Yet, *practically*, for us sentient beings here on this spinning earth, there is night and day.

Ultimately, there is no birth, no death.
Practically, there is beginningless impermanence– there is birth and death.
The ideas ‘oneness’ and ‘differentiated existence’ exist only within Practical Reality.
Ultimate Reality is Unconditioned Reality. The concepts ‘one’ and ‘many’ find no footing in the Unconditioned. Concepts find no footing in the Unconditioned. Concepts are a thing of discrimination, limitation– of practical, not ultimate, use.
Understanding these categories (ultimate and practical), and not mixing them, the Sage increases inner and outer peace.
There is an ‘unconditioned’, the unconditioned gives foundation to the conditioned. There is a conditioned existence. It gives expression to the unconditioned. One gives rise to the other. They are interdependent.