We were burned by faith.

The western mind is skeptical of everything.. and for good reason.


Always questioning, never taking anything on faith, ever again.

We were oppressed by faith-based rule for a long time.

Nietzsche declared: “God is dead”. Yet, the wizards of the Elite brought him back.

Fundamentalism thrives and the urge to orthodoxy gave birth to this narrow visioned monstrosity.

Abandoning the urge to authoritative discourse, we find Dhamma everywhere!!!

The birds sing of impermanence, interdependence, dukkha, and liberation from dukkha.

We are home. Finally at rest. At home in the Pure Land, at one with Infinite Light Buddha– forever, in a moment of absolute bliss.

As it happened on the macro-scale, it happens on the micro-scale. 

Micro. As a child raised in this American context, I had deep and naive belief. As my rational mind became stronger, when I looked more deeply into things with discernment, I experienced a feeling of great betrayal– coming to realize that it is all not more than a touching fairy tale was deeply painful. From there, I became strongly atheistic. Shaking off those shackles was relieving, but in the depth of my rejection, I discerned that I had “thrown the baby out with the bathwater”. Recognizing my urge for that which cannot be provided by anything in conditioned reality, I take refuge in the unconditioned. There are no words for the unconditioned. Yet, abiding in the unconditioned satisfies the same urge that is satisfied by the spiritual opiates peddled by the priests.

Macro. In the past we Euro-Americans were ruled by some theocratic monarchy thing that demanded absolute submission through faith. This was slowly dismantled by freedom loving thinkers. The Scientific Revolution freed us from the prison of lies. Yet, after the revolution had ended, and after the industrial revolution brought the earth and the people into wild wild fire, we found that we had ‘thrown the baby out with the bathwater’. Some people went back into the cave of fundamentalism. Others pushed to the other extreme– they are sterile and cold fools. Theism and Atheism do battle to no end– they are two sides of one ridiculously wrong-view.

Because we were burned by faith, we have become cold. Having become cold, we must find warmth. We have gone too far into rationalism for theism to ever make sense again– theists can only be theists because of a ‘willful suspension of disbelief’ or because of complete ignorance.

Atheists are born in reaction to theism. They let themselves be defined by theism. They are “not theists”. Having no way to prove or disprove “God”, the wise focus on better things, higher and more perfect than these. Hahhahaha!

Sure, there might be a God. There could be many gods! There could be no gods. Yet, whether there are gods are not– there are bigger things, more important things, to focus on. There is suffering. There is the cause of suffering. There is escape from suffering and there is a path to liberation.

Having seen the beauty of the four noble truths, all other useless thought forms fall away to reveal the infinitely bright light of original mind.

Words are funny.

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