Infinite Meanings

A little video. I read the Infinite Meanings Sutta and quickly say a few things about it.

The Buddha said

“Good Sons! This one doctrine is called the doctrine of Innumerable Meanings. A Bodhisattva, If he wants to learn and master the doctrine the doctrine of Innumerable Meanings, should observe that all laws were originally, will be, and are in themselves void in nature and form; They are Neither great nor small, Neither appearing nor disappearing, Neither fixed or movable, and neither advancing nor retreating; they are non dualistic, just emptiness. All living beings, however, discriminate falsely: “It is this” or “it is that”, and “It is advantageous” or “It is disadvantageous”; they entertain evil thoughts, make various evil karmas, and thus transmigrate within the six realms of existence; and they suffer all manner of miseries, and cannot escape from there during infinite kotis of kalpas. Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas, observing rightly like this, should raise the mind of compassion, display the great mercy desiring to relieve others of suffering, and once again penetrate deeply into all laws. According to the nature of a law, such al law settles. According to the nature of a law, such a laws changes. According to the nature of a law, such a law vanishes. According to the nature of a law, such an evil law emerges. According to the nature of a law, such a good law appears. Settling, changing, and vanishing are also like this. Bodhisattvas, having completely observed and known these four aspects from beginning to end, should next observe that none of the laws settle down for even a moment, but all emerge and vanish anew every moment; and observe that they emerge, settle, change, and vanish instantly. After such observation, we see all manner of natural desires of living beings. As natural desires are innumerable, preaching is innumerable, and as preaching is innumerable, meanings are innumerable. The Innumerable Meanings originate from one law. This one law is, namely, non form. Such non form is formless, and not form. Being not form, and formless, it is called the real aspect of things. The mercy which Bodhisattva-Mahasattvas display after stabilizing themselves in such a real aspect is real, and not vain. They excellently relieve living beings from sufferings. Having given relieve from suffering they preach the law again, and let all living beings obtain pleasure.”

From the Threefold Lotus Collection.

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