It is not there.

Not there to deceive you. Not there to resist against you. Not there. It is a wrong-view. An incorrect idea. Correct your view and the problems are gone.


How to correct your view? That can be a difficult thing.

Some will find teachers and the teachers will say: “keep this view, abandon that view.”

Others will find texts and put their faith in them, thinking: “this text says to keep this view and abandon that view.”

Still, there are others that follow a different path.

We are sly as snakes and innocent as doves. Our faith is different. Our practice is constant.

Recognizing interdependence everywhere, we even see it in the eight factors of the path!

How do you know that your view is correct? You weigh it against all the other factors of the path, you look at it in relation to the other factors, you notice how it influences your practice of the other factors. By seeing Right View in context, you will abandon doubts confidently.

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