No Beginning. No Foundation. Let Go.


Fire Lion Buddha gives no shits. He will scream in your face about things you will never understand. All of it true. Unrelenting, he doesn’t stop to get caught by the philosophers or the priests.


Authentic Lies

I have no interest in your ideas about authenticity. I met Sakyamuni and he told me you are all confused. Dharmakaya is alive. He left us his teaching body. He did not leave a teaching ‘corpse’.

Now that you agree that the teaching body of the Buddha, the one that he proclaimed should be the ‘master for you when I am gone’, is alive, why can’t you accept that it also changes?

All living things change.
Dead things remain frozen until they are eaten by living processes.
All compounded things will fall apart.
All things change,
ceaseless transformation is the only “constant”.
The word teachings are conditioned things,
they will change–
they are impermanent.


You would like a teaching that you could pin on the Buddha– but ask yourselves, what are the words of a man who lived ~2,500 years ago worth?

If he is an ultimately enlightened one, yes, they are worth a lot.

But, did the Buddha write anything that has been passed down to us? No. Not as far as I know.

Filtered and Transformed

Everything we have is filtered through Ananda’s mind, then the Sangha’s pen and the conversion of oral tradition to writing must have taken a toll, then translation into other languages certainly took a toll, then the bickering of various schools and sects… many things, many years, many bad ideas, many foolish people, stand between us and Buddha as long we seek to meet her externally, objectively, outside our mind/body/consciousness, in ‘history’.

History is a nice, incomplete, ultimately misleading story– no matter how you decorate it, it is still just someone’s projection.

2017-01-22 15.04.06.png

Deceivers and Teaching Bodhisattvas

If there was a writing that was supposedly written by the Buddha, how would you verify that it was actually written by the Buddha?

Seeing much danger for deception, I shall steer clear of those who preach as if they held ‘real teachings’. I will take refuge in those who have practiced with diligence, those who glow with wise compassionate light, those who are alive with me in this moment, those who do not demand that I cower before the ancient and dead past.

Ten million arhats all agreed… and then you woke up.

And, then there was this ‘first council’ where ‘everyone agreed’. Myth. Legend. Sounds great. Too great to be true.


No respect? Shall we just hide our minds? Nah.

Does all my snake tongued rambling mean that I don’t read and study the ancients and their beliefs? Nope. I love studying– I just find more foundation in the bliss of foundationless than I do in adopting various delusions about it.

Textual analysis is actually part of my daily routine. Just because I have found that there is no foundation, does not mean that I do not find value in the various practices and perspectives offered.

I just don’t and won’t let people trick me into believing anything– as an American, I believe this is part of my cultural heritage. No one is gonna fuck around with my mind, ever again– I’ve taken a hammer to it.


Who am I to hold such views?

I am the grand failure. A living corpse. Diseased and deluded. Nonetheless, the light here is bright and the flavor of this downfall is sweet. Having been born in a nation of greedy, angry, fools– I am the crazy one.

When you grow up with this recognition, the urge for separation arises– as they are marching, lemming style, and “happy”, straight to their death at the edge of the cliff, I am ‘failing’, observing their ‘success’ with pity.

During my youth, this urge to reject was all fine and dandy– I was still supported by my parents. Yet, we grow older, eventually we are in the world with our skills and weaknesses and we are judged by society. If you take a stance of opposition you will be opposed. If you choose wandering,  you shall become a wanderer.

There are benefits to the life of a householder and there are drawbacks. I have seen the benefits and drawbacks and have chosen the life that makes best sense for myself at this time– yet, now, I sit back and observe that this Evil Empire would really like to destroy me. This system celebrates greed, hatred, and ignorance. It really does. And I have watched it kill my friends. And it pisses me off. And I take the energy and transform it into awakening. And I give up on external validation, cause all the priests are vampires, all the yogis are high, all the scientists are half-baked– I breathe mindfully and all the judgments stop.

With eyes that project their own clear light,
clear light that does not cast shadows
and does not require any source of energy,
I peer out through skin sacks and into brain cavities
without a worry
at a totally pure land,
and I see a glorious [non]being of infinite light.
No words are necessary.
None can suffice.


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