The Path.

A simple poem on the āryāṣṭāṅgamārga [आर्याष्टाङगमार्ग ] for the wanderers. The homeless children of awareness. For those travelling the path toward awakening. Bodhisattvas. Sramanas. Noble Ones. Truly Holy Ones [beyond notions of sacred and profane]. 


With right view,
approaching conditioned things with a clear understanding of their three marks

recognizing impermanence,
realizing interdependence,
seeing the futility in grasping at things as if they were permanent,
aware of emptiness– seeing all things in all other things–
marveling at Indra’s Net,


the mind is better equipped to conceptualize the relationships between conditioned things as they are,

because relationships are all that we have.
the nodes arise and vanish,
but the larger network of relationships
continues for a bit longer than the nodes which constitute its body,
providing the illusion of permanence.
from the sub-atomic, to the post-metaversal-delusion, there are networks in relationship to networks, in relationship to networks, embedded within networks, composed of networks, all in relation to other networks: horizontally, vertically, in all conceivable directions, forever, through beginningless eternity.

and it is just mind on mind in mind on mind. no mind.


with notions constantly corrected by clear view, what you say is said with wisdom and compassion.

after having tasted the bliss of corrected view,
in rapture,
compassion is the thing they see from the outside,
and inside,
it tastes like wisdom.


not only does your speech soothe the pains of the world,
but your every action displays wisdom through compassion.
your conduct is corrected by the sharpening of notions due to clear appraisal.

and the Bodhisattva saves the bird being pecked by a murder of crows for no reason other than to save the bird.
the bird will not repay her.
no one will see her display of compassion.
she will forget what happened.
and it will not be a big deal.
forever and ever, no one will care.


And there will be a point at which the pursuit of material gain will be abandoned.
You will realize that,
because of this deep wisdom displayed through foundationless compassion,
the usual routes of getting food into your belly,
and things into your pockets,
and in front of your face,
and in your garages,
and in your storage sheds,
will be seen as untenable.

what you do,
is done with compassion.
all that you do,
is for the benefit of infinite beings everywhere.


engaged on the path,
you will not deviate.

completely involved,
with perfect diligence,
what you have begun,
will be brought to completion.

meditation-2214532_960_720 (1).jpg

attending to all things equally,
guarding the sense doors,
you are mindful of what arises and passes away,
you are aware of what comes and goes.

sight, sound, taste, touch, tactile sensation, and thought–
these are the sense doors.
these are the regions within the kingdom over which you rule.
attend to the forests,
the people,
the birds and the fish,
and all other things and processes,
within your kingdom.
be responsive to their pleas!
do not turn away!
or plug your ears.
be attentive.


and then,
with all these aspects aflame,
like perfectly balanced wheels spinning at high speed,
you gather the energy,
and focus.



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