All Ways Meditation.

Walking, standing, sitting, lying down. Stream-entered, carried along– you will meet the ocean, evaporate, and become a cloud.

The Buddha said, “I will liberate all beings, yet, at that point, not a single being shall have been liberated.”

Because a Buddha sees, “beyond, beyond, further beyond, completely beyond”,
and because she knows the practical dimension,
as well as the ultimate dimension,
her compassion is formless,
without foundation,

There is no true method,
even Buddha’s teachings are empty.

We sharpen the blade of intellect,
aware of the utility and danger.

Ultimately, there is no method.
Practically, we practice a method.
We aim for the north star, aware that we will never reach it.


When walking, we know we are walking. We feel the pressure on our feet. We hear the noise of our steps and the cars and the songs of the birds. We taste and smell spring in the air. We see all the things in ceaseless transformation. Thoughts bubble up, we recognize them, they move along.

When standing, we know we are standing. From the tips of our toes, to the tops our heads, we scan and gno all the shifting internal processes. We feel the wind push against our bodies. No longer moving, our ability to digest perceptions is enhanced and the cosmos opens up a little more. The sense-doors are easier to watch. The sense-objects are easily identified.

When sitting, we know we are sitting. Awareness is even more refined. Shining, radiant, glowing with clear light. Breathing in, we know the breath. Breathing, out we know the breath. The breath leads us along through the jhanas and we smile.

Lying down, we know we are lying down. Just above sleep, in the twilight world of the mind, awareness is calm and cool and clear and good fun. The sense-doors, if you can stay awake, are even more easily guarded. Lying down, letting go of resistance and giving up on the battle against gravity, our minds are even more free to explore by generation of the ‘mind-made body’.

The end.


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